Psych Review: Come On, Son!

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What do donuts, ‘honeys’ and Ed Lover have in common? Shawn, Lassiter, Woody, Henry and, of course, "Last Night Gus!" Hangovers have never looked this good, or been this funny. This Psych episode will be one for the all-time-awesomeness list.

Hats off to Andy Berman for one of best executed primetime spoofs we've seen yet of the popular movie. If you weren’t laughing from the minute “Last Night Gus” started, well, you don’t have a pulse.

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So let’s start analyzing!

One moment that really stood out right off the hilarious bat was Shawn’s massive freak-out moment in the coroner’s office. It was a pretty self-reflective one. It really called my attention to the idea of what it might be like for Shawn to lose his gift. Who would he be without it? If his distressed plea to Woody, Lassiter and Gus was any indication, it seems Shawn was on the brink of a devastating realization that was just short of being fully realized.

If it had been, this episode would have lost the critical edge of outrageously unexpected hilarity. But it was thoughtful of Berman to squeeze it in there in a way that didn’t feel forced.

It also appeared in this moment that Shawn was admitting to playing parlor tricks on young children, which surprised me given that Shawn and Lassiter had just had that moment last week with the lie detector test where they seemingly bonded over the ability to evade detection. I was surprised Lassiter didn’t capitalize on it, except he was probably more concerned about getting his Ford Focus back. Who knew he’d given it to that couple? Or would jump out the window for it?

I love how at every turn, Carlton was paying someone an outrageous amount of money. He was quite the party goes... and he shot Bobo - repeatedly! Anyone get the feeling he might have been imagining the mascot as Shawn?

This said, props to Juliet for immediately getting in with her men on this case. I’d like to think her readiness to prove them innocent is an affirmation of the tight-knit team they are, even when new players such as Woody enter the ring. Of course, some of this has to do with Shawn, but there’s also her commitment to Lassiter as her partner, which took center stage this time around. Besides, what more relationship affirmation do you need when you’re almost blown to bits together? How killer was that action shot of them jumping from the balcony?!?

Then there was the underlying Shules tension in this episode. Who knew Shawn would drunk-call Juliet and ask her to move-in? How is it he’s most mature when he’s most vulnerable?

Love how she handled it, though. She understood it was the consideration that counted coming from Shawn, even if he wasn’t ready to make good on it. The concept had to be reaffirming for the simple fact it meant Shawn saw them going long-term. Let’s remember, while Abigail managed to get her toothbrush into Shawn’s bathroom, Juliet is getting the upgrade to his home, consideration wise. That’s relationship affirming coming from him.

Of course, no discussion of this episode would be complete without some attention being paid to the man after whom this episode was named, a psychic detective’s best asset: Gus. He was a RIOT drugged. Not only was he a fan of squishy faces, but he couldn’t stop laughing even after it was clear he was in the line of fire. Good forhim for finally catching up and saving the day, one taffy dish at a time. Plus, props on the upgrade on his digs... dripping with swagger and definitely not for anyone but a real player.

This episode was ONE HUGE best moment in and of itself; but let’s pin down some key moments that need no introduction:

  • Ed Lover. Come on, Son!
  • Woody sharing random life tidbits.
  • Karen being distracted by Henry’s lack of pants.
  • Gus asserting himself, much to the Chief’s surprise.
  • That slow-motion shot of Woody, Gus, Shawn and Lassiter walking into the bar.

Are you ready to add this to your favorite’s list? Because I’m about to buy this one off of iTunes!

As for next week - vampires anyone?


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First of all @Sis64003 you need to go back and watch the episode because Shawn's EPIC (and Emmy worthy) freak out was indeed in the Coroner's Office. He freaked out right after talking to Juliet in the lobby. Lassiter said he was going to turn himself in and that is when Shawn lost it. Anyway i just want to say that this episode, was THE MOST ENTERTAINING AND HILARIOUS HOUR OF ENTERTAINMENT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This episode of Psych was for me the all-time classic episode of the show and that is amazing, especially when you consider it is on it's sixth season and just seems to be getting better, and better every week. I could not love this show and this cast more than i do right now. The most talented, hilarious and lovable cast on TV today. I had to go back and watch several times because i could not stop laughing from beginning to end. The highlight's for me were, well the whole episode, but i guess that what i most loved was Shawn's toast speech at the beginning in the bar and his freak out in the Coroner's office, also as a HUGE SHULES FAN i loved, loved, loved the Shawn and Juliet B story. I loved the end scene between Shawn and Juliet, it was really cute and shows just how much these two are committed to each other. The fact that Juliet understands that Shawn is really trying to mature for her in baby steps and let her know in his own way that he is 100% committed to the relationship is really sweet and she even said that she thought any version of Shawn asking her to move in was romantic, because even though Shawn doesn't remember saying it and isn't yet ready, by asking her he has already proven to her that he is in this for the long haul and on the same page as her. But being Shawn just needs more time to adapt. For that Juliet definitely fell a little bit more in love with Shawn in this episode. Take note other shows THIS is how you put a long running will-they-wont-they couple together, and not only that make the show even better and more entertaining than it was before. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! My hats off to TPTB at Psych and this glorious cast for bringing such magic to our screens. I have been a loyal fan since the show began and hope with all my heart that it continues for many more years to come.


Loved the episode, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard at at TV show. A few things to note in your review though. Shawn's freak out was in the Psych office not the coroner's office and Lassiter was looking for his Ford Fusion NOT a Ford Focus.


Oh my god, that one has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen! I had to keep rewinding because I laughed so hard that I missed half of it, it was unbelievable... Psych is already the most amazing show ever, I'm used to laughing or smiling throughout the whole episode - but a gigantic fit of laughter every 30 seconds, that's a new one! A-ma-zing!


i loved the episode it has to be in my top 10 favorite psych episodes out of them favorite part was when they walked into the doughnut shop and the big guy came out with the big gun and said you shot bobo and lassiter asked who's bobo and they point to the big doughnut and then lassiter said he wanted real proof that he shot him and then they show them the tape and you see them hit bobo with the car then lassiter shoot him repeatedly then bobo fell on the car that was my favorite part of the whole show.


This has to be one of the best episodes of the series, hands-down. Between pantless Henry, weirdo Woody, Lassie's streak of vandalism, drugged Gus' antics, and the chief's reactions to all the bizarre behavior, I can't count how many times I laughed out loud. And I love how being drugged brought out Shawn's mature side! His relationship with Juliet is a great example of how to shift from will-they-or-won't-they to couple-dom without losing what makes it interesting. Their relationship is giving Shawn a chance to grow as a character and it's great how Juliet accepts him for who he is.


Fantastic episode! 'Last Night Gus' was one of the best episodes ever and a fine homage to 'The Hangover.'


The actors and writers of this series should be given life time awards. This episode was so full of wit, one liners, slapstick and just plain laughing out loud funny acting. Not sure how anyone can sustain this level year after year. I was so disappointed this summer when they were delayed until fall. Everyone was great, but who knew Woodywas so funny. I'm with you, this is a keeper and this year looks to top itself every week.


great episode, best part for me was when they find out the bad guy's name: Leroy Jenkins - youtube that name :D

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