Being Human Season 2 Scoop: Trouble Ahead!

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Sam Witwer, Sammy Huntington and Meaghan Rath star as Aidan, Josh and Sally, respectively, on Syfy's Being Human.

What can fans expect from season two of this fun drama, which kicks off Monday? I was fortunate enough to be on a conference call with the cast members earlier this week, as they dished on what's to come and shared a few thoughts about monsters in general. Excerpts are below...

On what it was like to start filming Season 2:

Sammy: “It felt as though we never had the hiatus. We were really able to pick up right where we left off.”  

Sam: “For months after season 1, even the thought of season 2 made me sleepy. Having a successful season behind us, filming wasn’t as tiring as I expected.”

On the overall tone of Season 2:

Sam: "These people are in trouble. We’re going to see why they badly need to have a sanctuary, because they really do need help."

On the challenges of playing humanity found in a ghost, werewolf and vampire

Meaghan: “We're not playing into the supernatural stereotypes by keeping in mind they are really people behind what they have become. We think, what would you do if you were in this situation? We approach scenes thinking about just being a good person and questioning your values and morals.”  

Sam: “If someone dies, hopefully we’re going to show that this is really, really terrible. The reactions to the supernatural is very, very grounded. At first you’ll see the characters react with horror and shame, and as time goes on they will get used to it, and that will be very sad to watch.”  

Sammy: “A lot of times they are viewing these things for the first time. We don’t just roll over these issues, we actually tackle them.”

On filming scenes together and relying on each other for advice:

Meaghan: "There are one or two scenes of us together in every episode, but we prefer the shows where we are acting as a group rather than segmented far more than when we aren’t shooting together."

Sammy: "We ask each other what we think about scenes and how the others would approach them."

Sam: "It amazes me to watch Sammy and Meaghan at work. They each do things that I can't. I love that we all bring to the canvas something the others do not."  Sam also noted that they have bonded with Kristen Hager (Nora) in the same way.

Sammy recently took to Twitter to announce that he and his wife are expecting a child. When this was brought up, Sam immediately went into the “I just thought she was fat” gag, with Sammy responding it was belly weight from drinking too much beer. It is so obvious their friendship is deep and true, and this familiarity most assuredly plays out on screen. Sam and Mark Pelligrino (the deceased Bishop) still play X-Box together.

On whether there will be tension between the roommates:

Meaghan: "Yes, there will be a lot of tension between the three roommates this season because they're all on their own journeys to get out of these really desperate situations and it comes to a point where they wonder if the others will be accepting of the decisions they make."

On why vampires are such messy eaters:

Sam: "I've asked that very question!!

Sammy: "It's the vampire equivalent of a Carls Jr. commercial."

Sam: "I've said, Um..he’s eating, why is it all over my chest? After 200 years I could see a little on his lip or chin, but this is ridiculous!"

Final Fun Fact: When asked what they have learned about themselves on the journey of filming Being Human, Sam could only pluck out this nugget, to which Meaghan and Sammy responded:

Sam "I've learned that I am literally 48% nicer when I am well rested."

Meghan and Sammy both agreed he should give himself some credit - it’s really a solid 42%.

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