Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Yang in the Hot Seat

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"Saving a life is worth something." - Owen

That may be, but it's certainly more complicated than that for Cristina, who finds herself internally agonizing over what she knows - and what Teddy does not know - in the first Grey's Anatomy episode of 2012.

When Teddy, still in the dark about what happened to Henry, calls upon Cristina personally to help with her patient in the O.R, Yang almost becomes ill in front of her. Sandra Oh, as always, does a superb job. 

Meanwhile, it's just not a good season of Grey's Anatomy if Meredith's life isn't in jeopardy, right? It appears that for the sake of an injured patient, she puts herself very much in harm's way Thursday night.

The show's ratings have declined this season, but most fans seem to agree that the quality of the episodes has been higher than certain points in recent years. Hopefully 2012 continues that upward trend.

Watch three sneak previews of "Suddenly" and comment below:

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