Private Practice Round Table: "Losing Battles"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our official Private Practice review broke down last week's "Losing Battles," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Christina: I loved both scenes with Sheldon and Sam at the gym and when they were creating their online dating profiles. Overall, this episode was heavily intense and it definitely needed a bit of laughter.

Caitlyn: In almost every episode, my favorite moment is usually between Charlotte and Cooper and that holds true for this week. It only lasted for a few seconds but seeing Cooper break down and Charlotte be there for him was great to watch. I needed a tender moment like that after everything else that preceded it.

Jarrod: I’d have to agree with Catilyn. The Charlotte and Cooper scenes have always tugged at the heartstrings for me. Charlotte just has so much compassion and grace for him this season, so I think this scene between them was just beautiful.

Carissa: Gosh. I don't know if it's really possible to have a favorite with an episode of this nature, but I'll pick Amelia's off the cuff remark about Sheldon not needing anyone's help in knowing what to say to a woman. He's such a good guy, maybe they will finally come to something.

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2. What was more surprising: Addison wanting to take a break from the baby stuff or another tragic event happening in Violet’s home?

Christina: Although the latter was a huge shocker, I’m going with the former because Addie has been so ridiculously baby crazy all season long. Violet doesn’t know how to take a step back from her patients and seemingly always gets too involved, but I never expected Addie to actually want a break from trying to become a mother.

Caitlyn: Another tragic and equally bloody event at Violet’s, for sure! She seriously needs to consider moving out of that place unless she wants to drive another sledgehammer through her hardwood floor. Addison taking a break should be good for her. It might even give more opportunities for Jake to enter her life in a non-patient-doctor kind of way.

Jarrod: I’m probably a loner as I say this, but I’d have to say Addison taking a break from babies. The baby concept was what brought us this show to begin with. She finally took charge after delaying it for so many years. It’s quite sudden that an ambitious woman such as Addison would give up so easily – even for a little while.

Carissa: At least we know where the next season of American Horror Story is taking place! Time to put the place on the market, Violet. If you have not one, but two giant blood stains in your living room, you know you've picked the wrong house.  So, yeah, I'm going with the mess in Violet's home.

3. How did you feel about the shocking scene with Joanna stabbing David relentlessly? If you were Violet, would you have handled things differently?

Christina: Like I said in my review, it was gruesome and brutal. Joanna, with blood all over and violently stabbing away, was terrifying and reminded me why I hardly watch horror films. And no, I would have never handled things the way Violet did. I know that Violet means well, but she has yet to learn how to draw a much-needed line between her and her patients.

Caitlyn: I held my breath until that scene was over. I couldn’t believe it! I felt sincerity when Joanna told Violet she wasn’t actually capable of doing that but I guess a person who has experienced what she has could easily be driven to that. I’m not sure if I could ever be as brave as Violet to put myself in that kind of situation but I wish I could be. I would’ve probably opted to do something safer but who knows if things would end better that way.

Jarrod: Once Violet was knocked out cold, I knew she was going to awaken to a body on the floor with blood everywhere. Was it shocking? Yes, but I found it inevitable. If I were Violet, I would have had 911 on speed dial. She wanted him gone for Joanna’s sake, so why not have the police come and arrest him? Hopefully, this is a wakeup call to not get too emotionally involved again.

Carissa: I don't think anyone knows how to handle a situation like that until they are in it. Having been beaten by my boyfriend, not wanting to take the stand and be torn apart by the defense, knowing how "good" it would have felt to retaliate in some nature...I think Violet offering her home was a wonderful gesture of kindness. And I don't think Joanna would have stabbed her husband to death if she had casually run into him in the street months after the ordeal. But that's not what happened. He beat her, killed her baby and then broke into Violet's home throwing more punches. Violet was assaulted, Joanna had every reason to expect she was next, even though we don't know what happened.

4. Scott, the paramedic, was back again this week at Violet’s side. What are your impressions of him?

Christina: “Hot Scott” is definitely hot. It’s too early for me to draw any conclusions of him, but I like that Violet chose to go to him and not Pete at the close of the episode. He seems like he’s genuinely there for Violet, and that’s exactly what she needs.

Caitlyn: He’s definitely growing on me. I’m still not sold that there’s actual chemistry there, but I like what we’ve seen from Scott as a character. He might be young but he showed a lot of maturity in this episode.

Jarrod: I honestly believe that he’s a good guy. They’ve been dating for a simple week or so and he’s already taking care of her. He doesn’t care about her age or marital status. He likes her for her, and I think that if anyone will screw this up, it’ll be Violet. Hopefully some more scenes in the future will help the audience see some chemistry there, as I myself, am still not completely sold on it 100%.

Carissa: I'm jealous. I want a screenwriter to come into my life and write a storyline much like this for me. Hey, screenwriter friends, now is your chance! He's incredibly hot, sweet and caring. Unless he's a serial killer in disguise, and let's be real, with Violet you can never be sure, it's perfect.

5. Did Amelia do the right thing by being honest and telling Erica that she wouldn’t go through chemotherapy?

Christina: That’s like asking if honesty is the best policy. Erica asked her to be honest and she was. So, that’s that. Do I think that Erica would have changed her mind if Amelia answered differently? No. It just seemed as though Erica had already given her decision much thought as her mind was clearly already made up.

Caitlyn: I think she did. Coming from Amelia, it means a lot, especially after the gesture she gave to her father’s watch. She didn’t have enough time with her father so seeing her choose good quality of life over time means something. Erica probably needed her honesty to be at peace with the decision she’s made.

Jarrod: Yes, I believe it was the right thing. Amelia spoke from her heart, not her head – which she usually does. She was telling her what she would do, not what science could do. So I believe it was the right thing.

Carissa: Yes! I think one of the worst things a doctor can do is give false hope to a dying patient. Amelia's growth this season is nothing short of remarkable.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!

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