Glee Round Table: "Heart"

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Glee celebrated Valentine's Day this week with a broad focus on love, marriage, the bible and homosexuality.

Oh, yes, it was a heavy episode to be sure, one filled with an accidental Whitney Houston tribute and a lot more. Check in now with Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi, and then respond with your own take on "Heart."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Everything Jeff Goldblum said. Granted, it almost comes across like Jeff Goldblum is doing a Jeff Goldblum impression at this point, making it hard to take the actor seriously. But that just brought an extra amount of fun to his portryal fo Hiram Berry.

Miranda: Rachel's nightly ritual and Finn's intrusion so he could drop a deuce and saying "It's okay, you can stay..." (Uh, no she can't, dude. I'm pretty sure you don't need an audience for that.) However, no marriage can survive without a clear understanding of the rules of poop. Seriously. If you're not okay with each other's bodily functions, there's just no way it'll last.

Steve: The introduction of Samuel Larson as Joe. Was his opening storyline rushed? Absolutely. But I adored him on The Glee Project.

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt: I always like big group numbers that are simply a bunch of character dancing around happily. So I've gotta go with "Stereo Hearts" for this one.

Miranda: Mercedes singing "I Will Always Love You" because it was flawless. Runner-up was "Love Shack" just for the fun factor.

Steve: Easy choice, "L.O.V.E." and obvious reason: Mike and Tina, people! We need A LOT more of them.

Sam and Mercedes: Better together or apart?
Matt: This is a trick question, right? We haven't actually seen them together so how can we choose that option?

Miranda: Apart because the writers have butchered this pairing. Butchered, I say! And not in the way that is serving us a filet mignon of a storyline right now. I've said it in the comments week after week, but there are just so many different ways they could've set this coupling up that would've made far more sense than the way they've done it.

Steve: Agreed with both my cohorts. I couldn't even get into Amber Riley's incredible cover of Whitney because I was laughing at how ridiculous it was for the show to try and force emotion out of this storyline. We have spent about five minutes with Mercedes and Sam. Sorry, Glee writers, but you can't manipulate sentimentality of out a beautiful song. You need to earn my reaction with actual storytelling.

Should Finn and Rachel get married in May?
Matt: No. I'm not even certain if they're in love with each other. Finn's speech to Rachel when he proposed basically boiled down to: nothing else in my life is going well, but at least I have you, so let's get hitched! That's desperation, not romance.

Miranda: Not even a little bit. As someone who ALMOST made that mistake right out of high school and lived to see the error of her ways and gain a little perspective and independence, no. NO. NO. NO. They can move to New York together and continue to be Finchel, but they cannot get married.

Steve: Sure. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and there's a storyline for season four. These aren't real people, Matt and Miranda. I'm down with whatever makes for good drama and this has potential to do so.

Should Glee tackle such topics as religion and homosexuality?
Matt: No. I'm written a few negative reviews in a row and most fans who still defend the series to me make the argument that it's not meant to be taken seriously; they just want to sit back, laugh and enjoy the songs. That's fine, and I'd feel the same way... if it wasn't so clear that Glee WANTS to be taken seriously. It somehow thinks it's a platform for legitimate teen issues, yet it doesn't do anything with those issues except make a quick reference and then break into a song. It's insulting and disrespectful to people actually affected or invested in those topics.

Miranda: This is a tough one. Can they? Yes, they've done it before. The Kurt/Karofsky/gay bullying storyline was done well, in my opinion. It built up over several episodes and was a developed story. But should they tackle the Bible and homosexuality in the manner in which they are currently? No. They aren't spending enough time developing the character's thoughts on the issue, instead just throwing in one-liner PSAs here and there, which are regarded as insincere. They could do better.

Steve: Very well said, Miranda. You can't just show two girls kissing, toss out a couple bible quotes and claim you are taking an issue seriously. If you want to delve into these societal topics, go right ahead. But give them the time and respect they deserve or else they just come across like fodder for the next song.

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