Grey's Anatomy Clips: Grinding It Out

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Tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy episode, "Have You Seen Me Lately," is going to be a grind.

Not just for the guy whose arm is caught in a grinder, but for Meredith Grey, who has to think on the fly and prove herself to Callie Torres, who's not showing her leniency. Can she thrive under pressure from her superior?

Meanwhile, Amelia arrives in Seattle seeking help from Derek, who's less than receptive. Is it because of his feelings toward her or the case? Clearly it's a grey area (pun not intended) and it will be interesting to watch unfold.

Cristina and Owen are in counseling, and from the clip below, it's clear that they need it. The lines of communication between them have become severely frayed. Will this help them through their issues or are they irreparable.

How do you see things playing out tomorrow for Cristina, Amelia and everyone else? Check out the three new clips (along with the first sneak peek from the episode we posted yesterday) below and see what you think:

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