Justified Round Table: "The Devil You Know"

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Choices were made, sides taken and at last one life lost on Justified Tuesday night.

What aspects of "The Devil You Know" stood out the most to our Round Table panel of Dan Forcella, Jim Garner and Tiffany Vogt (from TVAddict.com)? Join the trio now as they go back in their weekly Justified Q&A session...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Dan: My favorite moment was learning that Rachel is from Hendersonville, Tennessee. That's right up the street from me, so I can't wait to head up that way and do some research into the Marshal's childhood. Let's find out what the town has to say about this girl.

Jim: Raylan and Boyd in the bar discussing if someone could find a man in prison he might be able to find him when he escaped. I don't think it's Raylan that Quarles should be worried about, it's Boyd. Can I call it now that Boyd does Quarles in at some point?

Tiffany: Dickie's face once he realized that the $40,000 was all the money that Mags had left behind of her ill-gotten fortune. Priceless!

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More clutch: Limehouse saving Dickie? Or Raylan driving over the guard?
Dan: I have to go with Limehouse. I really thought Raylan would be the one to save Dickie once again, so when it turned out to be Limehouse, I was impressed.

Jim: Raylan running over Ash has to be my pick. I saw it coming both times and still flinched when he backed into him. I was suprised there was not lasting damage to the car. That's not like Justified to miss such continuity.

Tiffany: I had to just laugh and applaud the aplomb with which Raylan simply ran over the crooked guard rather than trying to shoot him. Running him over the second time when the guy refused to give up was especially cheer-worthy.

If you were Devil, would you have taken Quarles' offer?
Jim: Some would say "better the devil you know" (see what I did there). However, I'm a gambling man and would have reached for the bigger prize and taken the offer. Besides, taking Quarles' offer wasn't where he made his mistake; thinking he could turn Johnny against Boyd was his fatal mistake. But, oh goodness, how I loved hearing Boyd talk about loyalty. He even gave him a chance to come back.

Dan: Probably. The man makes a solid point, and Boyd is going about this thing a bit too methodically for the normal gangster. Jim's correct in switching sides wasn't Devil's big mistake. Also, he didn't know the pain that was probably coming his way once he made it into Quarles' circle anyway.

Tiffany: Not in a million years. Devil knew perfectly well that Boyd would not take kindly to betrayal and that he would be quicker to eliminate him for such an action.

Who dies first: Limehouse, Quarles, or Dickie?
Jim: If those three are my only choice, Dickie is screwed. Limehouse has a full organization behind him that he's been a part of for 20-plus years, and Quarles has the full backing of Detroit... Dickie has a ... uh... a limp? You do the math.

Dan: Dickie's a fighter. Who would have thought that he would be the only Bennett to survive season two? He's scrappy and will figure out a way to last a little bit longer. Quarles, on the other hand, is starting to make a few too many waves around these parts to last much longer. I think he goes down before the other two.

Tiffany: Quarles cannot be long of this Earth, as he simply does not know the enemy he is dealing with. He has not researched his foe and that leaves him exposed and vulnerable.  He is foolishly over-confident in his abilities, which have nothing to do with surviving in Harlan County.

Did you think Johnny had turned on Boyd?
Jim: Johnny did an excellent job, he totally had me believing for a minute that he was backing Devil. I wonder: had Devil shot Boyd right away instead of giving Boyd a chance to signal Johnny to shoot him, would Johnny have taken his chances with Quarles? Nah. He fooled me once, I know he's loyal to Boyd till the end.

Dan: For a moment, I did. Then I realized that Boyd always has things under control, and one of those things is Johnny. Watching him stay loyal to Boyd at the sit down with Devil was extremely fun to see. Nobody can stop the Crowder Clan, not even the Devil!

Tiffany: For a second I did, but thank goodness that wasn't the case. Boyd would have been a very nasty spot and it was too soon to be losing such a fantastic character as Boyd Crowder.

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