Justified Round Table: "When the Guns Come Out"

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Justified delivered yet another stellar episode this week, as Raylan and Boyd had another standoff, Winona came to a decision and Limehouse got deeply involved in the Oxy war enveloping Harlan.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Dan Forcella and Jim Garner are joined by Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com to run down "When the Guns Come Out."


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Dan: My favorite moment was definitely when Quarles found out about Raylan's relationship with Boyd, and the fact that Arlo was part of Boyd's gang. Quarles just taking it all in, smiling, and puffing on the cigar, was the highlight of the hour.

Jim: Art and Raylan discussing Raylan's relationship with Winona over drinks in the office. I admire Art's ability to have stayed out of it and Raylan respecting his choice. Neither said it verbally, which is what made it a more powerful message.

Tiffany: The smaller moments seemed to get my attention. I loved how casually Boyd was able to tell Raylan to go see Ava and Raylan did. Then, once he was there, Raylan just took charge of the situation. It was a smooth and seamless demonstration of unexpected teamwork amongst the three of them, when there should only be distrust. It revealed an unspoken trust and willingness to be there for each other.  Plus, it was a fun bonus watching Raylan beat-up the nasty pimp Delroy and tell him that it was his job to keep Ellen May safe. Loved that!

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Will Raylan's relationship with Boyd help him or hurt him in the end?
Dan: I think it will seem to be a detriment at first, because Quarles is going to use it to his advantage, but it will end up being his savior by the season's end. Boyd will come to Raylan's rescue in one way or another.

Jim: Given that Boyd already saved his ass from a beating last season when he prevented Dickie from treating his head like a piñata, I'm saying it will help him. Ironic that Quarles assumes that Boyd has Raylan in his pocket and can't comprehend the notion that they have known each other most of their lives. 

Tiffany: Raylan and Boyd’s relationship is too strong and history-laden for it to really be a crushing weight on each other’s lives. Time and time again, they have proven to be there when each needed the other. Whether they are on the same side or opposite sides of the law or a thorny situation, their fascinating relationship only makes them stronger and helps more than it hinders.

Did you think Winona took the money?
Dan: I did, but I'm the guy who thinks the magician is actually cutting his assistant in half. I was happy to be wrong, though. It would have been upsetting to find out she didn't learn her lesson.

Jim: Costa Rica, vanishing with two-sentence note... yeah! All signs were that she did it again, but loved the twist that it did not.

Tiffany: Unfortunately, I really did think Winona took the money and ran. She has demonstrated proclivities for running away and stealing before, so it would not have surprised me that she did this time. It was more of a surprise that she simply ran and didn't take the money.

Is this the end of Raylan and Winona as an actual couple?
Dan: I think so. As much as I love watching them together, Raylan is too much of a loner for anyone. He's not going to be able to quit the way he lives his life, and is that ever going to be good enough for Winona or anyone else? Especially with a child on the way?

Jim: They still love each other, as admitted, so that makes the romantic in me believe it will work out. While in real life the odds would not be good, this is Raylan and Winona we're talking about!

Tiffany: Hard not to love watching Raylan blowing Leila away by shooting through Lance's dead body. Very apropos and fun! (Plus, fantastic performance by Lawson playing a villain for a change.)

Cooler Raylan moment: Warning Boyd to never involve his family's name again, knocking out the woman-beating pimp or taking his dumping like a man?
Dan: I loved him taking out the pimp. The initial hit was great, but it was the second one - when Raylan stopped the man from sitting up with his fist - that was the coolest.

Jim: Dan, you really do have a huge man-crush on the Stetson-wearing Marshal, don't you? I have to admit, I'm beginning to see why. My favorite Raylan moment started after Art said his aunt's house was involved through his conversation with Winona. So the entire episode, really.

Tiffany: The gracefulness that Raylan showed in accepting Winona’s decision spoke more of a man who values both the woman he loves and the relationship they have. It was definitely the cooler moment, as Raylan reminded us that a real man doesn’t have to shout and demand his way, but instead respect the decisions the person he cares about.

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