Scandal Round Table: "Enemy of the State"

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Have you stopped reeling from all of the excitement of this week's Scandal yet?

"Enemy of the State" asked as many questions as it answered and left us wondering who we can trust and whether or not our heroes will win this war with the White House. Our Round Table panel of Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Christina Tran attempt to answer a few of those questions in this edition of the TV Fanatic feature.

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What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I really enjoyed the presentation to Cyrus about Olivia and her team. We got a good amount of background on each of them told to us quickly in a way that totally fit within the context of the show. Nicely done!

Leigh: I actually loved the opening, it really humanized Olivia. It also showed the bond between the coworkers that Stephen would show up in the middle of the night with Shiraz for Olivia to guzzle. Did anyone else think that Stephen knew about Olivia's affair? This isn't the first time I've thought that, but I was sure it was going to come out.

Miranda: The closing. It felt like learning the characters' stories and connection to Olivia was the perfect build-up to seeing them back her no matter what in this war against the White House. Amanda Tanner's simultaneous kidnapping was a great set-up for whatever twist is coming next.

Christina: Hands down the best scene was Cyrusís speech to Fitz. Every single word was delivered absolutely perfectly.

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Who do you think Amanda Tanner called?
Jim: I think it was the First Lady. There is more to that woman that meets the eye and I suspect she has her own agenda we aren't aware of... yet.

Leigh: Totally agree with Jim that it could've been the First Lady.

Miranda: I don't think she called the First Lady, but I do think she called someone who might have ties to the First Lady, or to someone in the White House.

Christina: My bet is also on the First Lady.

Who had the better rant: Abby to Olivia or Cyrus to Fitz?
Jim: Both were so amazing. But Abby wins out for me. Telling someone you would follow over a cliff that they made a huge mistake and that they haven't been "in the game" fully is tough and Abby did a great job. Besides, who knew Olivia picked up a tire iron?

Leigh: Close call. I love the unabashed honesty that Cyrus speaks to Fitz with. However, Abby to Olivia revealed a lot about their background and felt really personal. I would say that was better by a hair.

Miranda: While I appreciated Abby's outburst, I loved everything about Cyrus' speech to the President. Everything. So I'm going with that. 

Christina: Please refer to my answer for the very first question. Cyrus was awesome, and I like that I am finally starting to forget him as Thatcher Gray.

Should Quinn have taken Harrison's advice on ending things with Gideon Wallace?
Jim: Give than "Quinn" didn't exist before 2008 I'm not sure what agenda she has with Gideon, I suspect she maybe staying close to him because of his "other source" and dating him is as good of reason as any to be close.

Leigh: No. I think Quinn is far smarter and stronger than she lets on. She needs to be allowed to make some of her own decisions.

Miranda: Hmm, at first I thought "yes. She's being stupid. She just had to lie like Harrison said she would." But after seeing Leigh's answer, maybe not. Maybe Quinn does know what she's doing after all.

Christina: Probably. I foresee an "I told you so" moment or seeing Quinn's choice bite her in the ass in the near future.

Amanda was left home all alone. A mistake by Olivia or convenient plot point? 
Jim: Olivia told Amanda twice that Fitz was the most powerful man in the country. Given her attention to details, there's no way should would have just "forgotten" to have someone guarding or watching Amanda. Seems like a convenient plot point to me.

Leigh: Olivia is too busy to babysit Amanda all the time. I think she figured her building was secure and she trusted that Amanda wouldn't leave. She also trusted that Amanda wasn't lying, little did she know about that phone call.

Miranda: Both? Sure, it's convenient for the plot that Amanda would be there alone, but Olivia had no reason to think she wouldn't be safe there. And besides, Olivia's human and this helps prove it, you know?

Christina: I'm totally with Miranda on this one and believe it's a mix of both reasons. By the way, you've got to love the way Amanda was stolen away while Fitz was showing on TV.

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Scandal Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

President: The way I see it, all roads lead back to Amanda Tanner. She's saying we had an affair. She's saying she's carrying my child. Without her, there's nothing but that tape. And without her, that tape is just a guy who sounds vaguely like me. There's no proof. Nobody even takes that tape seriously without it being vouched for, which means our problem is Amanda Tanner and she's not our problem. She's a kid. Our real problem is Olivia Pope.
Cyrus: You realize--
President: I got into this job to help people, to change this country for the better. I am the President of the United States of America. It's time I acted like it.
Cyrus. Thank you, Mr. President.

Olivia: You seem awful chipper about all this, Cyrus.
Cyrus: I am. I am. I'll tell you why. I'm a workaholic and my sweet husband doesn't let me work on Sundays unless there's a war, which is why I hate Sundays and I really hate to garden. So you can see why I'd be excited because there is, in fact, a war. There's a bloody, scary war starting right now.
Olivia: You and I are going to war? That's what you want? Fine.
Cyrus: [laughs] Oh. no. I'm sorry. I wasn't clear. This isn't my war. You know who sent me here The President of the United States sent me here, to this office, to deliver these piles of dirt. I'm not the general. I'm not the bad guy. I'm just an errand boy who doesn't have to garden anymore. President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III has declared war on you, Olivia, and he does so with the full force of the White House and the legion of men and women who work in the United States government. May God have mercy on your soul.