Glee Season 4 Scoop: Mentors and Tributes

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Because it always make sense to plan your storylines around other shows...

Following the confirmation that Britney Spears will judge season two of The X Factor, Entertainment Weekly reports that Glee is planning its second tribute episode in honor of this pop superstar.

It will be the second installment of season four; it will feature eight Britney tracks; but, unlike the original Spears tribute, it will not center around Heather Morris' Brittany S. Pearce.

Making Like Britney

Elsehwere, Chris Colfer appeared on Live! With Kelly this morning and discussed the casting of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson more in depth. He confirmed that the former will serve as a mentor of sorts for Kurt in NYC next season, while the latter will do the same for Rachel.

Each actress will appear on multiple episodes and Hudson will be featured in many dance routines.

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I love Glee but if Rachel,Kurt and Finn are graduating why are they having episodes next season of them? Seriously make the new kids the from the glee project the new main characters the show alone could do wonders with Irish boy and Christian boy I know it's sad I don't know their names but come on I would know them if they gave them focus instead of the glee trinity haha lol. Plus I agree with other tribute episodes kind of suck because they focus on one artist too much and usually it's just a dumb artist that comes from a super liberal background I'm not Republican or democratic but this is the reason glee's fan base has almost evaporated. If they would stop trying to throw anti moral beliefs systems maybe people would like them more and as well stop trying to make everyone have a democratic view if tv shows like glee's knew what was good for them they would abandon their pathetic attempts at giving political messages which is one of the big things nobody should bring up if they don't want an argument,


More finn, rachel, and kurt why move on already.


On another note, anyone else think SJP might be Kurt's gay aunt that Anne Hathaway wanted to play?
I'm not usually a huge Kate Hudson fan but for some reason I really look forward to her being on the show.


I don't mind the tribute episodes actually. I imagine if I was part of a Glee club I would find it interesting to have everyone making song selections from one artist and see how everyone does it differently. I only worry that the plot will suffer because of it. And I like Britney well enough but they already did all of the good stuff (except Crazy). I don't know if they can make sense of it since it was such a big deal NOT to sing Britney the first time around. What good reason will they have to do that again?


WTF??? Not only do we have to put up with more tribute episodes but ANOTHER Britney episode?! Hello Ryan Murphy, Britney, Lady Gaga and iTunes Top 40 are NOT the epitome of music. Enough already! How freakin' hard is it to write cohesive s/ls for characters without objecting the audience to more forced premises??? These writers aren't worth what they are paid!


God, really? Why don't they, I don't know, stop doing tribute episodes. The Madonna episode was fun, made sense, and flowed well and every tribute episode after that either wasn't a tribute episode (Gaga tribute with only 2 Gaga songs...right) or just horrible (every other tribute episode season 2 onward). I'm not sure if I'm still watching Glee because I enjoy it or because I have a fascination for watching really bad train wrecks.

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