Glee Season 4 Scoop: Mentors and Tributes

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Because it always make sense to plan your storylines around other shows...

Following the confirmation that Britney Spears will judge season two of The X Factor, Entertainment Weekly reports that Glee is planning its second tribute episode in honor of this pop superstar.

It will be the second installment of season four; it will feature eight Britney tracks; but, unlike the original Spears tribute, it will not center around Heather Morris' Brittany S. Pearce.

Making Like Britney

Elsehwere, Chris Colfer appeared on Live! With Kelly this morning and discussed the casting of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson more in depth. He confirmed that the former will serve as a mentor of sorts for Kurt in NYC next season, while the latter will do the same for Rachel.

Each actress will appear on multiple episodes and Hudson will be featured in many dance routines.

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Glee Quotes

Rachel: I'm just scared. I haven't been this scared in my whole life. You know, when I was in high school and I had all these big Broadway dreams, I just got used to everyone laughing at me and I figured one day I would make it and I would show them that I'm not a joke anymore. And then I did and it all fell apart and I realized that there is a whole different kind of lauging that is way worse. So...I can't. I can't fail again.
Mercedes: Rachel, we're all going to fail again and again...the hardest part is just getting up, shaking it off, and getting on with it. Let me tell you this, when you sing? Nobody's laughing.

God as my witness, I will break her down.