Gossip Girl Spoiler: Who Sees G.G.?!

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On the April 30 episode of Gossip Girl, the gang got closer than ever before to laying eyes on the titular character, only to have her sneak in and out of Diana's sketchy sex mansion with her laptop undetected.

Well, on Monday's season finale, someone will "see" Gossip Girl.

We don't know who, or in what context, but that's the latest intel. Has her luck finally run out after nearly running into the Upper East Siders in "Raiders of the Lost Art" and regaining control of her site?

We'll find out. Who do you think it is that sees G.G.?

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Meanwhile, we now know for certain that the much buzzed-about final scene of the episode will feature two characters - one male, one female - and said scene does not take place in New York City.

Which we pretty much already knew at this sage, but still.

These two new additions to our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page, courtesy of Michael Ausiello of TV Line, should only fuel speculation as to how the fifth season will conclude on Monday night.

Sound off with theories on all things Gossip Girl below.

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