Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Sneak Peek: The First Six Minutes!

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We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out who lives and who dies on the eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy, but you can see the immediate aftermath of the plane crash right here and now.

ABC has released the first six minutes of "Flight," which begins with an eerily Lost-esque shot of Meredith, eyes open, lying on the ground in a state of shock.

But she's alive, and possibly in better shape than some of her colleagues.

As she struggles to find her bearings and process what just happened, Cristina is particularly hysterical, and not just because of her dislocated shoulder.

Her reaction is intense, proving again why Sandra Oh is a perennial Emmy candidate.

Elsewhere in the wreckage, Arizona is badly injured, to the point where she can see her own bones. Never a good sign. With adrenaline masking the pain, she's delirious.

Lexie's not doing much better, but at least Mark is by her side. Derek, meanwhile, is trapped beneath the shrapnel and considering desperate measures to escape.

Six went down. One will die.

The Grey's Anatomy promos have warned us of this, but do you think the show really bid farewell to one of these beloved characters, after their initial survival of this epic crash?

Shonda Rhimes has also hinted as much, although she's not exactly averse to misdirection. Remember, the promo didn't say "six went down and one of those six will die."

Share your predictions in the comments, and watch the opening minutes of "Flight" above.

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