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On the eight season finale...

  • Meredith, Cristina, and Mark search for the others in the plane crash. Arizona’s leg is injured, Derek’s hand is messed up, and Mark has a cardiac issue. They have to perform a mini make-shift surgery on Mark to keep the blood from building up in his heart.
  • Mark finds Lexie trapped underneath a piece of the plane. She is badly injured. Mark holds her hand and tells her he loves her. Lexie passes away.
  • Back at the hospital, Callie waits for Arizona to come home. Richard takes the residents to dinner but waits for Yang and Grey to arrive. 
  • Owen fires Teddy so she will take a once in a life time opportunity job at Medcom. 
  • Owen receives messages from the Boise hospital that the doctors have not arrived.
Grey's Anatomy
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