Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: That Was Hell ...

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On this week's Grey's Anatomy, we learn which doctor did not pass the boards. Based on some quick flashbacks of their interviews, as shown in a sneak peek of Thursday night's show, none of them had an easy ride.

In the aptly-titled, "Let the Bad Times Roll," Cristina, Jackson, April and Meredith agonize over their oral exams, reliving every answer they gave ... or some they didn't get to because they were throwing up.

Sorry, Mer. The biggest meltdown probably belonged to April, at least based on the clip below. Kepner absolutely loses it, with Avery only slightly more composed. Cristina, meanwhile, squares off with the interviewer.

Take a look at the carnage and share your thoughts with us in the comments:

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That was hell. Actual physical hell.


Carpe Diem. How annoying is carpe diem?


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