NCIS Extended Promo: Smoking Out the Enemy

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This week's NCIS episode, "Playing With Fire," found the team staying hot on an arsonist's trail and desperate to stop the enemy's next move. That enemy now has a name and face: Harper Dearing.

The apparent terrorist hell bent on bringing down Navy ships is played by The West Wing's Richard Schiff, who appears for the first time next week and may have it out for not only the Navy, but Gibbs personally.

In the next installment of this outstanding season-ending arc, the stakes are raised again for the team as a bug is found inside Ned Dorneget's tooth (see NCIS promo and photos from earlier in the week).

Check out the extended version of the trailer for "Up in Smoke" ...

Also, as a bonus, check out the video below of the NCIS cast on Extra earlier this week. There are no big spoilers or anything, just some fun interviews with the cast members on the set ...

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