Does this make Gibbs an influencer?


Gibbs: A friend helped me realize something.
Barney: What? That life is beautiful?
Gibbs: No. That I deserved to exist.

Bishop: Even Gibbs carries [a cell phone].
McGee: And he's a repeat technophobe and known troglodyte.

After all, kids learn bad habits by watching their parents.

Vance [to Gibbs]

McGee: Just what the world needs: Another podcast.
Gibbs: Whatever that is.

Gibbs: You see that guy over there [Palmer]?
Nowitski: Harry Potter?
McGee: We call him The Chosen One.

Much as I love getting bossed around by field agents on a daily basis, bossing them around is even better.


Who would like to hop on the apology train? Anyone?


Everybody knows you and Gibbs have a thing.

Torres [to Jack]

Bishop: I'm just here talking to Jack.
Jack: You should try it some time ... or not.

McGee: You are so good at this.
Jack: Thank you. I try.

The old gnome to the dome.


NCIS Quotes

Hey, the Opera is one of the big three!


Keates: Spider?
Tony: Keates?
Gibbs: You know her?
Tony: Um, well a sort of...yeah. She's Philly PD.
Keates: She was. She's ATF now. Special Agent Zoe Keates. You want to get that gun out of my face and come over here and give me a hug?