Sam: You expect us to believe that the computer guy lost his password?
McGee: Says the car guy who once lost his favorite car, Charlene, right?
Sam: He knows the name of my car.
Callen: That's impressive.

Vance: You sent NCIS's brightest and best back to school?
Parker: It's never too late to learn new things.

Palmer: This man took his own life.
McGee: The question is why.

Jessica [to Sam]: You and Parker have high opinions of primitive insects.
Parker: Out of respect. They're survivors. So was Dale Harding.

Callen: McGee. It's been a while.
McGee: Yeah, what the hell are you guys doing here?
Sam: I guess it hasn't been long enough.

McGee: Suicide? That can't be right.
Jessica: No, it can't.
Parker: I guess we have work to do.

Jesse: We got here a day early for the retirement party and Kasie put us on decorating duty.
Jane: Well, she's hard to say no to.
Torres: Yeah, tell us about it.

Torres: You know, this is the third time Kasie has sent us out for a supply run.
Jessica: Yeah. She either needs to stop throwing parties, or we have to stop being gophers.

Kasie: Did you tell Ducky?
Parker: No. I said nothing.

I'll speak to my team and let them know everything.


Gunman: Tell us the password.
Gracie: No.

I have contractors in the bathroom.


NCIS Quotes

Vance: You're the boss, boss. Although when I asked to tag along I thought this was going to be more like, you know, Butch and Sundance. You're the quick-draw, I'm the brains. Kind of co-equals.
Gibbs: Yeah, we're not.
Vance: So what, I'm Robin to your Batman?

I am exactly where I want to be, and as it turns out, the Navy made me into who I am.