New Gossip Girl Finale Tease: A Trip to Shanghai?

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With more Gossip Girl season finale spoilers, teases and hints coming out every day, anticipation is building rapidly for the May 14 conclusion of Season Five, entitled "The Return of The Ring."

Let's end the week with the latest possible clue, shall we? We shall.

NOTE: Turn back now, because this is a (potentially) key detail.

Here's the latest from E! Online ... make of it what you will:

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"A highly placed show insider tells us fans should take the event Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester attended on April 27, the grand opening of Harry Winston's new store in Shanghai, as a major Gossip Girl finale clue."

We know that Blair makes a choice - a clear choice, no cliffhanger required - between Dan and Chuck in the season finale. Does this clue give Chuck the edge? Or could it be completely misleading?

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