The Neighbors Preview: Not a Joke!

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Last year, it was Work It, as ABC aired a comedy that led to viewers laughing at the actions on screen, as opposed to with.

This season, following the buzz reel that played at yesterday's Upfront in NYC, it's hard not to wonder if the same fate will befall The Neighbors.

This quirky sitcom features Jami Gertz and Lenny Venito at the Weavers, a married couple with three kids who move to a gated New Jersey community, only to learn that those around them are aliens. Really. That's the premise.

Watch the following trailer to see if you'll be tuning in Tuesday nights a 9:30:

Elsewhere, in ABC fare that actually piques our interest:

  • 666 Park Avenue will feature Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams as the owners of a scary apartment complex in New York.
  • Last Resort takes Shawn Ryan and Andre Braugher undersea, as a nuclear submarine establishes its own rogue nation.
  • Nashville stars Connie Britton. What else do we even need to say?

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