Rookie Blue Round Table: "Girls' Night Out"

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It was Traci's first day as a detective in training and you had to know things wouldn't be easy for her but little did Tracy expect that some of the biggest challenges would come from the people closest to her.

TV Fanatic has again partnered with the Rookie Blue fan site Two Worlds Collide for this week's Round Table discussion of "Girls' Night Out." Come and join Rookie Blue fans Kathyn, Nathy, and Chelsea along with TV Fanatic staff writer Christine Orlando as we decide who had Traci's back and what men really look at first.


What was your favorite scene?

Kathryn:  The one where Gail punches Chris and then teases him about puking in his Jeep. Closely followed by Noelle breaking the pregnancy news to Oliver. Dug the Sam/Nick paring too.

Nathy:  Andy's pep talk to a doubtful Traci at the beginning. She was all hungover but all of a sudden she found the energy to motivate her best friend to believe in herself.

Chelsea:  That's a tough one!! Of course, as the mega shipper I am, it's a toss up between the two Sam/Andy scenes; I loved the banter, and the kiss on the cheek was adorable! (But seeing the girls hang out was awesome too!)

Christine:  Actually it was both my favorite and least favorite. Noelle's jibe about Jerry getting Traci the job really stung but I felt it was realistic. Thankfully Traci fought hard to earn respect all day and she made me proud.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Jerry was being protective or dismissive of Traci?

Kathryn:  Both. He was trying to protect her, but he cut her off unnecessarily in Best's office, and he sounded completely unconvincing when he agreed she could handle herself. I sense a lot of trouble coming for them.

Nathy:  A little bit of both I would say. Protective at first when he told Frank that it was his decision to move the car but dismissive at the end in Frank's office when he talked like he did all the work on the case.

Chelsea:  I think he resents having to be her TO, but the way he acted was him trying to figure out how to do that. He really doesn't seem happy she got the detective rotation so I'm interested to see where they take this and how it effects their relationship.

Christine:  I agree.  Jerry's walking a fine line here and for the most part I feel as though he let Traci down.  He says he supports her but it didn't really feel that way.

Who would you rather see Gail end up with, Nick, Chris, or Dov?

Kathryn:  Nick. He scored big points with the blunt "I like you and I'm not afraid to say so. When I'm sober." and then basically calmly calling an end to being her whipping boy and putting up with the mind games. AND he cooks. But I did feel bad for Chris. So I could change my mind depending on what the story of the broken engagement turns out to be.

Nathy:  Nick, without hesitation. He has that little power over her that neither Chris nor Dov have, they're too soft for her.

Chelsea:  Although we still have lots to learn about his character and their history, I'd prefer Gail to end up with Nick. Dov has enough to deal with right now and I'd like to see Chris branch out and date other people.

Christine:  For right now…I go with Nick.  As Kathryn said, his line about not being afraid to tell her how he feels sold me. I never thought Gail and Chris would be long term but I like the idea of Gail with Dov.  I'm hoping to see that pairing a season or two in the future.

Is Dov coping with the shooting or hiding from it?

Kathryn:  He's definitely in denial, and I can't believe he lied to Sue. :(

Nathy:  Not going to his shrink appointment tells me he's hiding from it even though he went through everything all over again when answering Crystal's questions.

Chelsea:  A bit of both. He's not coping the way everyone wants him to, but he's dealing with it in his own way. Not only does he have to face that he killed someone, but I think he relates to the sister because he knows what it's like to lose a brother. There's a lot he has to deal with and it'll take time.

Christine:  I like Chelsea's point about relating to the sister but Dov has to get into therapy.  If for no other reason than they'll never let him back out on the street if he doesn't.

Which of the girls was right?  What do men look at first?  Eyes, lips, or boobs?

Kathryn:  In the U.S., boobs. But even here it varies regionally. In Chicago guys hardly visibly check women out at all. In LA guys check out every remotely attractive woman with the most blatant full body stares imaginable. If you're bustier than me, you can also practically see the thought bubble with "Real or fake?" ;) On the Manhattan Beach strand they'll throw in a shouted 1-10 rating as well. *rollseyes*

Nathy:  I would say they look at boobs first, then the ass. And then eventually, they move to the face.

Chelsea:  I think it depends on the man. What matters is that the first part they notice isn't the only part they notice.

Christine:  I'm with Nathy on this one but I love how matter of fact Traci was about it in that scene. "Boobs. All the rest is window dressing."

Join in on the fun and share you answers in the comments below.  We want to hear from you.

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

If you're going to be honest, be honest. Boobs. All the rest is window dressing.


Andy: Sixty percent of men look at your eyes first.
Gail: Yeah, well sixty percent of men are lying.