The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Just Married?

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Back to school and back to reality! In "I Do and I Don't" Amy and Ricky returned from their honeymoon and geared up for the new year.

Overwhelmed with all the celebrations people were lavishing them with, Amy and Ricky's guilt led to one of the biggest reveals on The Secret Life of the American Teenager...

Amy Starts Senior Year

... Amy and Ricky never really got hitched after all! Well, I am disappointed! How about you guys? Did anyone else suspect it? Sure, they were shy about celebrating and accepting gifts, but they were overwhelmed with all the attention to begin with.

Speaking of overwhelmed, that flash mob was interesting. Madison and Lauren popped up like extras from Dreamgirls and performed Bruno Mars' "Marry You." I happen to love this song and thought it was really cute when it was used for the Amy and Ricky montage two weeks ago. However, I'm still up in the air with how I felt about the flash mob and the "Rick on a stick" bit.

A flashmob has to be executed perfectly to work; hit YouTube for Modern Family's version.

Maybe it's because I'm not the biggest Madison and Lauren fans, but that whole scene at school was weird. Grace, with her bible gift, and Dylan, with her huge cake. No teenage girl would ever eat that much cake in a day and not freak out, but then again Amy isn't your typical teenage girl. The most interesting part about the return to school, in my opinion, was the meltdown of Ben.

Ben is on a rough road and I don't see it getting better any time soon. However, he is finally confronting his regrets and anger and that has to be healthier than keeping it inside. Except perhaps he can talk to a therapist, or lash out at the gym, instead of calling the new teacher a pervert for dating his ex-wife. I know it's protocol for Omar to report Ben, but I thought it was ridiculous. Also when did Omar decide he wanted Adrian back? I must've missed a step.

Yes, Ben should not have said that, but why do the authorities need to be dragged into it? I think it was enough to go to a school authority figure and perhaps Ben could've gotten detention. But the police? C'mon nothing even happened. Yes, Ben needs to be taught a lesson, but he is completely breaking down. I'm not even sure I believe he is really in love with Amy, but I think he was happy when he was with her and he misses that time in his life.

Amy has bigger problems right now than her ex-boyfriend's meltdown. Everyone she loves thinks she and Ricky are married. She and John are on Ricky's insurance, Ricky's mother gave him family heirlooms, Leo handed him a ton of cash and offered him a job. How can these two go on lying? The should just go to courthouse and sign the papers. They want to be together, but they are letting too many people butt in on their relationship. 

What did you all think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy the flashmob? Is Jack the new Tebow? Did you get emotional from Anne talking to Mimsy? Hit the comments! 

I Do and I Don't Review

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