David Denman to Revisit The Office

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The Office Season 9 will feature two new faces - Jake Lacy and Clark Duke have signed on a series regulars - and one old face. For one episode at least.

TV Line confirms that David Denman will reprise his role as Roy Anderson - Pam's ex-fiance who worked at the warehouse, once tried to punch out Jim, eventually got fired and was last seen on Season 5 - on the September 27 installment of this NBC sitcom.

David Denman as Roy

What is the basis for Roy's return? We'll need to tune in and find out.

But, assuming he stops by the office, Roy will walk in to a very different Dundler Mifflin than the one he left.

Steve Carrel departed prior to Season 8, of course, while B.J. Novak will be seen far less next year and Mindy Kaling will only stop by for one or two episodes. Paul Lieberstein is also out as showrunner.

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