True Blood Round Table: "Gone, Gone, Gone"

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The latest True Blood episode featured a memory wipe, a beheading and a hallucinated throat-slashing. Just another day in and around Bon Temps, right?

In response to "Gone, Gone, Gone," TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara, Leigh Raines and Jim Garner are joined for this Round Table discussion by Liz Henderson of Let's do this, shall we?!?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The opening. There was a scream, an attack, a unique staking and an explosion of blood. I think I even saw some of Sookie's cleavage. Classic True Blood all the way around.

Liz: I had a few this week: Hoyt being glamoured by Jess; Jason talking with Hoyt who has forgotten who Jason is; Sookie offing Mike Spencer with chopsticks. I'll never look at chopsticks the same way again. Who knew?

Leigh: Lots of love for the Stackhouses this week, particularly Jason. I like when they were in Sookie's room, Jason being classic Jason and looking up the teddy bear's dress. The clincher was when he found the trap door under the bed, smiled at Sook and proclaimed: "Who's the smart one now?"

Jim: Sookie comforting Jason after he stopped Hoyt and he didn't know him. It's hard when a friendship ends, it has to be even worse when you can look them in the eye and they don't remember you at all.

Chris: My favorite scene featured Jason as well, but it was the one where he sadly said goodbye to his best friend while Jessica glamoured away Hoyt’s memories of them. Jason’s “I love you Bubba” was one of the saddest lines ever uttered on the show. Jason is now that much more empty inside. And Jessica amazingly added to the emotional moment by smelling Hoyt’s hair one last time.

True Blood Round Table

Is this the last we've seen of Hoyt?
Matt: It really better be. I take issue on a weekly basis with the show not killing off characters or trimming its roster. Considering how much time was spent bidding Hoyt farewell, it would be a major cop-out to have him return at any point.

Liz: Yes. And I think it was a good send-off as opposed to killing him off. This was more emotional.

Leigh: I would think so. I guess the creators realized that the show was getting a bit crowded but didn't want to kill Hoyt off since he was a beloved character part of the time. This was a very emotional send off.

Jim: It certainly seems like it. I think it's the best thing for all three of them. This will allow Jessica and Jason to get close again and Hoyt will find a new life away from his mother in Alaska.

Chris: Sadly, I think this is it for Hoyt. I was pretty sure he was going to be killed off at some point this season so I was at least happy to see him get his life back and move on to Alaska. Maybe he will hook up with Bristol Palin.

Tara killing Elijah: smart or very dumb?
Matt: Very cool! It's hard to find a lesser fan of Tara than yours truly, but her relationship with Pam has actually been a highlight of True Blood Season 5 for me. And this was one of its most enjoyable and surprising moments.

Liz: It was Tara who planned and executed it, and I think it was brilliant. That guy needed to go. However, I do expect repercussions.

Leigh: I'm sure it wasn't the smartest idea for Tara to kill of Elijah, even though it was awesome. However, who in the Authority really has time to monitor Area 5 of Louisiana? Aren't they busy trying to take over the world and kiss Lilith's ass? Also, can someone turn Ginger already? All that poor bitch does is scream. It hurts my eardrums.

Jim: I think Pam has a new respect for her, that's for sure. I do have to ask: why Ginger was screaming? What did she think was going to happen? Second, isn't this like the third or fourth vamp that's exploded on her? Shouldn't she be use to it by now?

Chris: Incredibly impulsive and, yes I guess, dumb. But you have to respect her passion when it came to protecting the closest thing she and Pam have to a home. Pam was beaming with parental pride when her progeny announced that they would not be running away.

Has Eric truly converted?
Matt: No. That's like asking if Alcide will truly keep his shirt on the rest of the season.

Liz: No way. He (and very possibly Bill) are setting up one hell of a sting.

Leigh: Definitely not. The only time that strong sexy Viking could lose his mind is when it was compromised by witches. Eric is putting on amazing show. He has a plan and I can't wait to see what it is.

Jim: I think Eric is very smart and knows that if he has any hope of stopping the Authority he needed to appear to convert. Bill, on the other fang, has earned a staking!

Chris: There is no chance Eric has converted, which is why seeing him kneel before Russell like that tore me up inside. I was so hoping he was going to crush Russell’s hand like Superman did General Zod’s.

TB Comparison

Give Russell and Steve a couple's nickname.
Matt: New Edgington. It's both a couple's nickname and the possible name of a country they eventually settle.

Liz: Do we really have to go there? (Sigh.) If you insist: Russtev.

Jim: Stevell. Or, more appropriate: stEVIL.

Chris: Well, playing off my previous answer, I guess you could go with Harold and Zod as a play on the 1971 film title Harold and Maude? Russell has replaced Talbot so he could also be considered the “Hon of a Preacher Man,” if he considers himself a Dusty Springfield fan.

Leigh: Well, since the Robsten and Tomkat, have both met their demise, I don't want to curse Russell and Steve with a couple's moniker! Picking my favorite from your suggestions, I'll get on board with Jim and "StEVIL."

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