Revenge Photo Preview: A Heartbroken Jack?

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Is Revenge about to deal Jack Porter a devastating blow?

In the fourth episode of the ABC melodrama's second season, airing October 21, we will see Nick Wechsler's character in the hospital, noticeably distraught, along with Emily, Declan and Charlotte. What brings him there?

One telling sign: Amanda is not present in these photos.

Jack Choked Up

ABC's episode synopsis hints that "playing with the Graysons is definitely playing with fire, and Amanda learns that the hard way." The photos released by the network suggest some potentially crushing consequences.

What do you think is behind Jack's heartbroken state? Pregnancy complications? Something worse? 

In our Revenge Round Table this week, we discussed Emily's lie to Amanda regarding the paternity of her unborn child and the ramifications on that. It's possible, based on these pics, that it will soon be a moot point.

Also, Jennifer Jason Leigh makes another appearance in this installment, which could always be a dream or memory on this flashback-loving drama, but perhaps she's rushing to be with her "daughter" Amanda?

Finally, Emily looks fantastic in that dress, and with this particular hairstyle.

Scroll through the images from "Intuition" below and share your comments:

Hospital Drama on Revenge
Jennifer Jason Leigh on Revenge Photo
Jack Porter Cries
Emily and Jack at the Hospital
Declan and Charlotte
Dec and Charlotte
Emily T.
Serious Jack
Jack P.
Charlotte G. Photo
Jack, Emily, Charlotte
Jack, Emily and Charlotte
Sad Ms. Thorne
Victoria and Charlotte
Declan and Jack Porter
Jack and Dec Photo
Porter Hug
Downcast Jack
Victoria in Action
Declan Pic
The One and Only Victoria Grayson
Charlotte and Declan
Dec, Charlotte

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Victoria [to Amanda]
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