Scandal Round Table: "The Other Woman"

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Last week's Scandal revealed another piece of the puzzle to the mystery of the Molotov Mistress. "The Other Woman" also showed that things are far from over between Fitz and Olivia.

The show may be taking a break this week, but we're not! Join TV Fanatic staff members Carla Day, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans as we discuss this week's burning questions. Then sound off in the comments with your answers...


What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Carla: It was a combination of two scenes. First, when the mistress asks for more money and Olivia tells her that no amount of money will get her what she wants: Christmas, fights, dinners, etc. It was heartbreaking. The other scene is when the pastor's wife reached out for the mistress and her husband's son. Maybe they will find a happy ending.

Jim: When the Pastors wife reach out and invited his mistress and her son to join her on the walk out of the church. It was such a powerful and caring gesture that I was not expecting at all. 

Leigh: I liked Olivia's negotiation with the mistress and the wife. First she was telling the mistress, get real you have no shot of more than a couple hundred thousand bucks. Then the mistress pulled the kid out and I gasped. The scene in the church was very touching too.

Miranda: I loved Huck's conversation with Quinn outside the motel. While Harrison and Abby don't seem to have given up their former identities to work with Olivia, Huck has, so he's the only one who really understands what Quinn's going through. He seems to have had a soft spot for Quinn since the first episode and now that's starting to make more sense.

Emily: I felt like the scenes with Mellie really stood out in this episode. It seems that the fans who love Liv & Fitz together despise Mellie because she's in the way. I feel that way a lot of the time too, but I actually caught myself empathizing with her for the first time in this episode. Especially the amazing scene when we saw her interact with Nancy (Lorraine Toussaint) and we heard her point-of-view as the wife through her "empathizing" with Nancy. She just seemed to be honestly "real" in that moment without ulterior motive (although a part of me did wonder if she knew Olivia could hear what she was saying during their conversation). Also, the limo scene with Mellie & Fitz when she asked for forgiveness was a beautifully played scene with Bellamy Young & Tony Goldwyn.

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What do you think (or hope) will happen when Mellie finds out Olivia and Fitz are speaking regularly?
Carla: I think she will act out and be annoying. I hope that she accepts the calls, as she previously accepted their relationship. I'm not an advocate for cheating, but for some reason, I adore the Fitz and Olivia's relationship. It probably helps that Mellie is so despicable.

Jim: I think Mellie is going to go from "please forgive me" mode to "I will hurt you" mode and put a stop to it, or at least try to.

Leigh: First of all, I really don't understand what she's been trying to get Fitz's forgiveness for. Sure they fight, but he cheated. Am I missing something? She's going to flip the eff out when she finds out Olivia and Fitz are still speaking. Major drama.

Miranda: Leigh, I almost wonder if there's something we're missing from before he ran for President, maybe from when he was Governor. And I hope for a verbal smackdown from Olivia delivered to Mellie on a silver platter but know that probably won't happen.

Emily: Based on the promo for the next episode, I don't think she's gonna take it well! That blow up may not be "phone call" specific, but I expect she won't take to kindly to Liv and/or Fitz going back on their "deal." I'm more interested in seeing how it plays out and where it fits in with Mellie's end-game.

Huck's having a rough time. Do you think he'll become a liability for Olivia instead of an asset?
Given his comments about disposing of the pastor's body, it's likely that he will misread something that Olivia asks him to do. She was cryptic about what she was authorizing regarding Amanda Tanner, so it could happen easily.

Jim: No, I think he has found a way to cope. Like any alcoholic will tell you, it's managed one day at a time, and Huck's "whiskey drinking" is no different. He will have better days.

Leigh: I think it could cause complications, but ultimately Huck is very loyal to Olivia and she won't let anything happened to him. He's also trying to take care of the problem before it gets out of hand.

Miranda: Guillermo Diaz is phenomenal in this role and seeing him crack a little this week and seek help for his addiction was so chilling. But, I think Olivia awakened a sleeping giant when she asked for his help with Amanda Tanner. I think he'll make a mistake and become another person Olivia has to protect.

Emily: His "miscommunication" as he says, made me concernicus (Dane Cook reference anyone?) but I think it's a good sign he's attending the AA meetings and owning up to the fact that he: 1. Has a problem and 2. Wants to get better. Huck would do anything for Olivia.  I worry about what happens if Huck makes the decisions on his own to "take care of" something to protect Olivia but hurts someone else if Olivia doesn't keep him "reeled in" tight. I could see this possibly happening later in the season as the cover-up unfolds.

So we know Olivia called a Supreme Court Justice. What are your theories about the scandal they're covering up?
Carla: I have absolutely no idea. Even if I had a clue, I'm sure it would be even more complex and full of conspiracy than I could even imagine.

Jim: It has to be something with the bombing. Somehow Quinn was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw something she's not aware of right now due to all the drama surrounding the trial. Maybe that's why they gave her a new life, to try and stop her from figuring out what she saw.

Leigh: I think they definitely have a history. It's possible Olivia owed her a favor and that's why she took care of Quinn's new identity. I think this is going to be a long time and a long story- one I really look forward to seeing.

Miranda: The building that was blown up was a technology firm of some sort. And that's all I've got. Honestly. Technology, the Supreme Court, a bombing? I can't make those connections, but Shonda Rhimes can. And I can just pick my jaw up off the floor when she does it.

Emily: I've been really studying these first two episodes for any hints whatsoever.  I'm talking Gladiator PI digging for #Shondaland clues! If I learned anything in season one, its that NOTHING is ever a coincidence in #Shondaland.  She's leaving bread crumbs along the way - at least in my opinion. Two episodes in and I could be completely in left field, but Quinn's mom died when she was 7? Is there a connection? How does Hollis tied in with the director of the CIA and Cyrus? And how does Olivia know the Supreme Court Justice?

How long before David Rosen uncovers the truth?
Carla: Sooner rather than later. That's my very non-specific answer. I hope he figures it out before he goes insane.

Jim: I'm really scared for David. He is going off the deep end and has no idea the size of the sharks he's taking on. Let's not forget what Cyrus did to protect Fitz last season. Do you think he would hesitate to make David disappear if he found out he was digging?

Leigh: I'd say definitely within the first half of the season. I know that's vague, but I can totally picture him cracking the case and calling Olivia out right before the mid-season finales for the holiday.

Miranda: When I saw him in the corner of his apartment, I had a flashback to the journalist from last season and thought "Wow. David. Hide your scissors." If he's half the investigator Quinn's boyfriend was, he'll have this cracked by the end of the episode three.

Emily: At this point I think its hard to say. I'm almost concerned for his credibility. It seemed like he was starting to crack a bit in this episode - when he started hounding his boss about who made the autopsy go away. If his credibility becomes a question, he may uncover the truth quickly, but it may take longer for it to come out if everyone thinks he's losing it. However, he's just been forced to take a leave of absence - more time to spend obsessing over who did it and why. It looks like he'll be getting some help next episode when his secretary Alissa (Brenda Song) comes to the rescue.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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