Nikita Round Table: "True Believer"

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On "True Believer," Nikita faced off against a former agent that could have been her. This situation deeply affected Nikita and her ability to effectively do her job. 

Our Nikita Round Table panel, TV Fanatic staffers Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica are joined by Tiffany Vogt from the TV Addict to analyze the episode, including the growing relationships between the team members, the difficulties within Division, and to speculate what the return of Amanda and Owen will mean going forward.

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What was your favorite moment?
Tiffany: I really loved how when Alex asked Sean why he stays at Division, he replied, "Some things are worth fighting for." It was a heart-melting moment and a good reminder that life is not all about taking down bad guys and getting Division back on track. It is about people who deserve to have full, wonderful, loving lives amongst all the chaos they find themselves stuck in. Plus, the slow romance burning between Alex and Sean is really sweet and fun to watch play out.

Carissa: Nikita and Ryan working together at the end. It almost seemed like they might finally have come to an understanding of what Division really means now and how to make it work. 

Carla: I enjoyed the internal struggle that Nikita is facing this season. From the encounter with the mini-Nikita last week and Mia this week. Her comment to Alex, "I went there to kill this crazy bitch and I found myself looking in the mirror." was enlightening. I'm enjoying the closer character examination this season.

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Was Mia right to be disappointed that Nikita went from wanting to close down Division to working to keep it open?
Tiffany: Seeing Mia's acute horror that Nikita allowed Division to stay open and operate was a great wake-up for Nikita that things could easily fall back into old patterns with false justifications. So while we know that Nikita is determined to keep Division on a better course, Mia's distrust and anger seemed more than appropriate.

Carissa: Without all the information, definitely. But Nikita was privy to things Mia didn't know. She also didn't take into account what might have happened if Division had carried on without any former agents who wished to do good. We've see what happens without the influence of Nikita, and Division would quickly let down all the former agents. 

Carla: Yes, it was revealing to find out that Division agents revered Nikita for getting out and turning against Division. Made me wonder how many of the agents that were sent after her actually supported what she was doing.

Should Alex stay at Division with Nikita or try to live a "normal" life with Sean?
Tiffany: Alex's life has been irreparably shaped by Division.  As long as Nikita and Michael are keeping Division on the straight and narrow path, it is nice to have Alex there to have their backs and set a good example for the other recruits.  I also imagine she would get bored out of her mind trying to live a "normal" life outside of the spy world.  

Carissa: Should? Sure. Would? Never. Maybe in a series finale. 

Carla: Alex's relationship with Nikita is one that Sean can never compete. If he gives her an ultimatum, he will lose. Though, having him around Division could be a check that helps the new organization remain its new moral center.

Speculate about what happened between Birkhoff and Sonya.
Tiffany: This is a head-scratcher.  I'm sure it was something ridiculously small in the scheme of things.  Most likely Birkoff got wrapped up in a computer challenge and forgot about a date with Sonya.  Now she's holding it against him for not prioritizing a relationship with her.  That's my two-cents on the tension between them.

Carissa: I'd guess something stupid and easy to get over, but two stubborn personalities unwilling to say they're sorry. 

Carla: I agree, it's probably over something fairly minor and stupid. Birkhoff probably said something that pissed her off. The tension between them is driving them both to be better at their jobs and push harder, so that's good. Also, their banter cracks me up.

Will Ryan be able to keep his promise of no active missions for Division? Or, is this another sign of Ryan's inability to see Division for what it really is?
Tiffany: We're definitely seeing the cracks in Ryan's armor.  He is over his head and really doesn't understand how to walk the fine line needed to keep Division from becoming a tool used for government black-bag operations.

Carissa: I don't think it's his inability to see what Division truly is, but more of a promise made in a moment. It was more of a wishful future of what could be than what can be right now. 

Carla: In that moment, I think he meant it. But, if the President orders him to send agents on a black op, he doesn't have the inner strength to say no. He is so smart, but isn't strong-willed like Nikita or Michael. I fear that will lead to his downfall or the corruption of this Division.

Amanda and Owen return this week. What do you want to see from them this season?
Tiffany: Anything with Owen is just awesome to behold.  That man exudes such a charisma and the character has such demons in him.  Owen really keeps Michael and Nikita on their toes and is a solid reminder that seasoned agents are a tougher breed.  Hanging out with the recruits tends to make Michael and Nikita soft and complacent.  They need Owen around to have their backs and to push them more.  As for Amanda, she's a slippery one.  I'm sure she has something devilish planned and it is sure to be fun once we see it in action.  Glad to see her back too.

Carissa: Amanda to be a badass and turn everything upside down and Owen to come in saying, "No active missions? Say what?!" Really, as long as he's back I don't care. I hope there's lots of boy play with Michael, Sean and Owen.

Carla: So excited to have them back. Amanda is such an amazing foe and the history between her and those running Division will raise the stakes. I've missed Owen. I can't wait for Owen and Alex to finally meet. Not sure what to expect, but it's amazing they haven't meet yet.

Carla Day is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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Something happened, Alex. I went there to kill this crazy bitch and I found myself looking in the mirror.


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