Dexter Season Finale Clips: Fight or Flight?

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With his world crashing down around him, will the embattled Dexter Morgan stand his ground or flee?

A sneak peek from Sunday's Dexter Season 7 finale gives us a strong idea of where our beloved mass murderer's head is at. At some point, his fake life became real, and he doesn't want to lose it. Not at any cost.

Not even Harry can talk him out of this, it appears. But what will his next move be in that case? Is he willing to whack LaGuerta in order to preserve that life? What other alternative exists for him to escape this jam?

Meanwhile, in a second clip, Deb and Hannah square off in a seriously bitter exchange. Will Hannah spill the beans on who her ex really is? And will Deb, who she labels a hypocrite, finally crack under the pressure?

Watch the scenes from "Surprise, Motherf**ker" below and share your predictions ...

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