Private Practice Round Table: "I'm Fine"

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Private Practice aired a Sheldon-centric episode last week in "I'm Fine."

The unorthodox hour has given our TV Fanatic Round Table - comprised of staff members Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica, along with readers Beina and Jarrod - plenty to analyze, breakdown and debate.

Won't you pull up a virtual chair and join them? Let's do it!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Carissa: Sheldon walking into the waiting room with fancy socks only to find Miranda wasn't dead. So happy!

Jarrod: I'd say my favorite scene was Sheldon (and the police department) finding Sarah. Though I thought it may have been another little girl instead, I was happy that it turned out to be Sarah. Now, the parents have closure and perhaps it'll help Violet move forward in some way seeing as that storyline was a reflection of herself and her own loss.

Beina: My favorite scene was when Sheldon sang for the little girl. It was very tender.

Christina: I’m with Beina. I loved when Sheldon reached out to Sarah and sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to her.

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2. How did Sheldon's story compare to other character-centric installments we've seen this past season?

Carissa: His was one of the best and long overdue. We've barely scratched the surface of Sheldon as a character, and the show is ending. It's a shame because Brian Benben is a terrific actor.

Jarrod: I've enjoyed Sheldon's character for the last few seasons now, so I was just happy that he even got this character-centric installment. He's been the most underrated and under-appreciated character for seasons now and though he's always been there as a helping-hand, it's all he's ever been. So, overall, I was just happy that we got a full 42 minutes of Sheldon time! On another note, it sucks that we have to see Brian Benben get screen time with such a tragic storyline. Cancer? REALLY SHONDA!?

Beina: I'd have liked to see more about Sheldon. He's one of the characters that I care a lot. He's so deep and reasonable. It's bad that they chose the 'disease' plot.

Christina: It was slower-paced, but it was also perfectly Sheldon-paced. It made sense. It felt raw. Overall, I thought it worked.

3. Sheldon saved the day and found Sarah. Was this storyline predictable or did it keep you on the edge of your seat?

Carissa: Neither. It was sad. Sad that in this politically correct society that even when a doctor is working on his years of experience he can't make a difference and a little girl is made to suffer for 94 days so some weirdo can feel comfortable.

Jarrod: It definitely had me on the edge of my seat. I either thought that Sheldon would be wrong or that they'd find a different girl (resembling Sarah) in Nick's house. Overall, I'm just happy that it's come to an end. No parent should ever have to endure that nightmare.

Beina: At first I thought that Sheldon's patient had made progress, then eventually it became predictable, Sheldon did the right thing but he risked too much. I wondered what if there was no one in the house.

Christina: For me, it was definitely the latter. I just was never sure Sheldon was on the right track or not. I wanted to believe he had made actual progress with Nick. I’m just glad that Sheldon saved the day and helped Sarah and her family.

4. Do you think we will see more of Miranda? What about Laura?

Carissa: Yes, on Miranda. Hopefully, Sheldon will spend the remainder of the episodes with her. I'm afraid I don't know who Laura is - his ex? I doubt he'll even give her a goodbye note.

Jarrod: Miranda - I can see lasting till the very end of the series. Most likely dying in Sheldon's arm, which before you know it, Laura will come back just as Sheldon is cancer-free, thus making her life a lot less complicated. Either way, with Miranda dying and Laura being Laura, Sheldon won't be happy with either of them. Perhaps reintroducing the Sheldon-Violet love story again could do wonders for both of them?

Beina: I like Miranda, and as long as she's alive, I think we'll see them together. As for Laura, she's not at all what Sheldon needs, and I hope that Amelia will be involved, Sheldon was very close to her last season, and I hope she'll know about the cancer.

Christina: Well, I certainly hope so. Sheldon deserves some happiness. With Miranda, he can be at least for some time. I can’t say that I cared too much for Laura after she left him the way she did.

5. Less than a handful of episodes are left. Rate the season on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being absolutely awful and 10 being spectacular).

Carissa: 8 - they've done a great job of giving story to characters and wrapping up storylines. That's the best we could ask for.

Jarrod: I'd give it an 8. Two episodes have been a snoozefest, but with others I’ve just had be glued to my seat. Though last season has been my favorite season hands down, I'd say season 6 is up there in my top 3. In conclusion, 8 thumbs up for Private Practice season 6!

Beina: 8! A really good season, especially because this year is centered on each character, and I'd say that this is the best way to say goodbye focusing on everyone and making us feel the weight of their future absence even more.

Christina: I’m breaking the trend here, but I’m going to go with a 7. I was definitely one who went into this season a bit apprehensive about the character-centric style. It’s all coming together, though, and I’m still as invested as ever.

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