The Good Wife Round Table: "Battle of the Proxies"

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The Good Wife might be on winter hiatus, but we aren't ready for the show to go into hibernation quite yet.

Our round table panelists Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica, Christine Orlando and Tiffany Vogt (from TV Addict) break down the happenings from "Battle of the Proxies" and analyze the cliffhangers.


One murder, two defendants, two counties -- intriguing set up for an episode? Or, too unbelievable?
Tiffany:  While I had never considered it before, this could very well happen and they did a good job showing how tricky it would if two people were prosecuted simultaneously in different jurisdictions for the same crime.  It made me think carefully about the case at hand for once and I felt more invested as a result.

Carissa: I guess it can happen, but I don't think it should. If word gets around that this is possible, the world could go mad. Mad I tell you!! 

Christine: It seems crazy, doesn't it?  How can two people be on trial at the same time for the same thing? Of course the world is crazy so I suppose it can happen and it was an interesting twist.

Carla: It didn't seem realistic, especially that they were scheduled to be tried at the exact same time. Though, it's a TV show and it created a unique storyline. I was able to suspend my disbelief while watching and enjoy it.

Were you glad to know which defendant was actually guilty by the end? Or, would you have preferred an ambiguous ending? 
Tiffany:  I was glad to find out which was the guilty party. It would have haunted me.  Also, the fact that both defendants were ultimately found guilty, when only one had committed the crime really emphasized how wrong our justice system is in allowing such a tragedy to come to pass.  But I think the show also showed that Will and Laura were going to do the right thing and present the evidence in the non-guilty guy's appeal showing that he could not have committed the crime.  It was good to see them aligned in getting the innocent man freed after the justice system railroaded him into being convicted.
Carissa: Definitely glad we found out who was truly guilty. Although, we only found out through evidence, which is overturned all the time. What I found impossible to believe was that as soon as one person was found guilty, the other wasn't just let go. Granted, that would have resulted in the guilty man being set free, but I am astounded that two men can go to the same prison (which is also plausible) for murdering the same woman. Can you imagine the problems that would cause?

Christine: I would have been fine with either but I was surprised Will was willing to send information to the other guy to help with his appeal. Wouldn't that have hurt his own client's appeal?

Carla: An ambiguous ending would have been the risky route to go and initially I thought that would have been the stronger ending. But,  ultimately the way it played out worked well with WIll and Laura working together to make sure justice was properly served.
What is going on with the Feds and Eli? Is he being legitimately targeted? Or, is there some game or payback at play?
Tiffany:  This was a sneaky, devious and perhaps unethical attack on Eli by the feds.  He is clearly not the target; they just want Peter.  But the methods they are employing is going to destroy Eli's business.  There were lots of other legal and not so slimy ways to get the information they wanted.  

Carissa: What is with the Feds on this show? They are always lurking around trying to get at someone. Don't they have real criminals to go after somewhere? They come off looking like buffoons. I'm sure they're after Peter for something, but maybe they should just attempt to make a case against him. Just for giggles.

Christine:  It certainly seems like a fishing expedition but that doesn't mean they won't catch anything.  But it does sound like they're gunning for Peter.

I hope there is more to this than we have seen so far. While I believe Eli would push the limits, I don't think he would cross the line. He has too much integrity for that, plus he would be putting too much at risk by breaking the election laws. Perhaps, there is someone on his team though that doesn't have those same standards.

What kind of relationship would you like to see develop between Will and Laura?
Tiffany:  Let's keep it professional people!  There is no need to concoct a romance between Will and Laura which would just add the already entangled lines between the prosecutor's and defense offices.  Will should know better, as should Laura.  Flirting is fine, but a romance would 'cause both a lot of problems both professionally and personally.

A professional one wherein she keeps as far away from Lockhart/Gardner as possible. Sort of like Cary did his first year in the State's Attorneys office when we all wanted to see him so badly but he was missing from our screen. That would be nice. In absentia.

: I wouldn't mind a romance between Will and Laura but right now I think she's too good for Will.  I think he has to live up to her standard before he gets there and I'm not entirely sure he's up for that.

Initially, I wanted to see them hook up. I loved the idea of Will with a strong woman that wouldn't take his crap. But, now, I'm not sure since Laura is being integrated so much on the law side. I'd rather see her be a professional adversary and personal friend.

How did Kalinda "get rid" of Nick?
Tiffany:  I loved the ambiguous ending with Nick and Kalinda.  I'm pretty certain she killed him, even through they didn't show it.  The fact that she was insistent on meeting him at the office was the biggest clue.  Does everyone remember the remodeling on the 27th floor that Will and Diane had been doing -- but then was put on hold due to financial constraints?  That's the same floor that Maddie Hayward bought to help bail them out and she has authorized further construction.  My bet is Kalinda conveniently disposed of the body up on the 27th floor.  If the body is ever discovered that is just a nasty little something for Maddie to have to deal with and explain them.  Nicely played, Kalinda!

I think she killed him. She, of all people, knew Nick would never leave them alone. Not once he saw Kalinda's new life and everyone in it. He'd hound her and all of them - until he died. I thought she'd put him in a wall somewhere, but never considered Maddie's floor remodel until Tiffany brought it up. That would be the ultimate payback for that liar. Not that she'd be accused of it, but she'd be forced to deal with the aftermath since she now owns the building. Brilliant!

: Is it bad to say I hope he's dead, buried, and long gone. Perhaps dropped into a building incinerator? He was a horrible character whose only purpose seemed to be to bring Kalinda down to his level, and in some ways he succeeded. As much as I hate to think of Kalinda as a cold blooded killer, I'll be thrilled never to have to see him again.

Carla: If Kalinda did kill him, she sure didn't look like it. I can't imagine he would go down without a fight, but Kalinda didn't appear to have any injuries. I wondered why she asked him to meet her at the firm, though, Tiffany has a good explanation. I kinda hope the name, Nick, never comes up again and his whereabouts remain a The Good Wife mystery.

Carla Day is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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