NCIS Promo: You've Never Seen Abby Like This

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You've never seen Abby like this, promises CBS' promo for NCIS' return.

Quite literally, it's true, as we get to see her decades earlier, when she was just a girl who wanted to help people. But it's also true in the present, as she calls in sick for the first time since ... ever.

The flashback scenes (see our photo preview) are clearly triggered by a case that hits close to home, and leads her to do a lot of soul searching. The whole team is concerned, most notably Tim.

The team must investigate a Marine’s car accident that "strikes a chord" with Abby, according to NCIS show-runner Gary Glasberg, and “gets her thinking about a situation from her past."

Perhaps like no case she's ever worked, the events of next Tuesday "really get Abby questioning some things about who she is, why she’s there and what she does." Should be fun to watch.

Check out the promo for January 29's "Hit and Run" below ...

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