Scandal Round Table: "Nobody Likes Babies"

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With Verna on her deathbed and David Rosen on the hunt, nobody was safe from the truth on the latest Scandal episode, "Nobody Likes Babies." Indeed, this installment marked the epic conclusion to the storyline question: "Who Shot Fitz?"

Join staff writers Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, and Carla Day below as discuss the latest twists and turns on Scandal.


What was your favorite scene from "Nobody Likes Babies?"

Jim: I loved Huck telling Quinn that she could have revenge as Lindsey or be a gladiator as Quinn... but not both. I often wonder how stable Huck is, and then he does something as smart and savvy as this and reminds me that I'm not giving him enough credit.

Christine: James and Cyrus naked fight was the best. They were both stripped bare both emotionally and physically. It made me laugh and hurt for them both at the same time.

Miranda: For the sheer shock factor, Fitz and Verna's scene in the hospital. I seriously did a "Is he...No, he's not...Is...NO WAY!" in my head as I watched it go down. Tied for awesome was James and Cyrus. That was a truly well-done scene. The heaviness of Cyrus' confession was made light by the fact that they were stripped naked so it was a good emotional balance.

Leigh: Even though I felt bad for Abby, when David busted into the office and demanded to know where the Zyrton card was and Huck got all protective was a great scene. I kinda knew Abby had the card on her, but I felt like the office was a unit in that moment, protective of each other.

Carla: This was an episode full of outstanding moments. The naked fight was funny, but so heartfelt. Cyrus's monologue about why he could never be president was painful to hear, but that's the reality of the United States.

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Name America's Baby.

Jim: William Obama Fitzgerald. Seems to be some strong presidential names in there.

Christine: Benjamin Josiah Grant. Benjamin for Benjamin Franklin; the kid's going to have to be smart and inventive to keep up in this family. Josiah for Josiah Bartlett, my favorite fictional president.

Miranda: I'll go with Thomas, but seriously, I wonder what happens to approval ratings when America's Baby doesn't have a name.

Leigh: Fitzgerald IV? Or maybe Vernon for Verna the Supreme Court Justice Fitz just murdered.

Carla: Oliver Pope Grant.

Better bad relationship: James and Cyrus or Mellie and Fitz?

Jim: James and Cyrus win for this one. I was so glad Cyrus changed his mind on killing James and I love James for his decision to lie for Cyrus. They may have some counselling ahead, but they are a very cute couple. 

Christine: Mellie and Fitz. Cyrus almost KILLED his partner! For all of their dysfunction, in a strange way Mellie and Fitz understand one another and are there for one another. It's twisted but it works.

Miranda: This is such a toss-up. Cyrus put a hit out on his husband, but the two of them are definitely in love. Mellie and Fitz aren't in love but understand where that theirs is a marriage of convenience and image. I think that means they squeak ahead a little because at least one of them isn't trying to kill the other. I think.

Leigh: In terms of who I enjoy as a couple more, James and Cyrus. I mean YES, he almost had him killed and that is psycho, but at least I feel like these two are in love with each other.

Carla: Mellie and Fitz. Their relationship may be a farce, but at least they are honest with each other. And, they are both strong personalities and individuals. Cyrus is controlling, manipulative and lies to James all the time. Plus, he almost killed him! While James allows Cyrus to play him. They may have love, but even more dysfunction.

Would Cyrus have made a good president?

Jim: Not sure I want to think about a president that is willing to murder a White House aide to try and cover up an affair. Cyrus is scary with the power he has now, he doesn't need more. 

Christine: I love Cyrus but he's got one hell of scary streak. He hides his ruthlessness better than Hollis yet he'll let nothing stand in his way. I'm not sure I want to think about him having the power of the free world at his fingertips but then again he just might get something done.

Miranda: I actually think Cyrus would've made a great President, despite his devious and evil ways. I think he's capable of doing the things he does right now because he's the guy behind the guy, you know? If he's caught, Fitz has deniability for all of it. If Cyrus were in office, I think he would have to scale back his antics to better protect himself. But I also think he's a man capable of making decisions and getting things done.

Leigh: I think there are a lot of aspects that would make Cyrus a great president, mainly the fact that he is the central guy behind Fitz. However, he's a little too trigger happy.

Carla: No. He's rash and doesn't think through the ramifications of his decisions. A president cannot act without information and be successful. 

Is Harrison's unwavering loyalty at all costs justified and should he expect the same of the rest of the team?

Jim: The teams unwavering loyalty has been a big part of why they work. The team should expect it of each other or they can't do their jobs as gladiators to fix things with the assurance someone has their back.

Christine: I get it but I don't always like it. Sometimes it feels more like they are loyal because Olivia saved them and they owe her and have nothing else in their lives. Being Gladiators may mean they'll never have anything else in their lives.  Just ask Abby.

Miranda: Harrison's loyalty to Olivia is Harrison's loyalty and honestly, it's starting to get a little zealous. Yes, Olivia saved them all from some awful situations, but they can each repay her in their own way and in their own time and his dogged demands that they all ask no questions and just act is going to land someone, probably himself, in trouble one day. Questioning why you're doing what you're doing and at what personal cost isn't bad.

Leigh: When you work at Pope and Associates you almost have to take a CIA type of oath. I think that's the nature of their firm and the work that they do. It sucks, it's gonna cost you your personal life, but it's what you sign up for there.

Carla: I'm not sure it is "at all costs." He has loyalty, but he also is mindful of the limits of that loyalty. He believes in the greater good and while that may mean making personal sacrifices and illegal actions, it's for a good reason. Yes, to be part of the team they must trust each other.

Will David Rosen ever win a case again?

Jim: Sounded like he didn't have a job at the end, so I doubt he will win a case any time soon. I have to mention how sad I am for Abby that she gave up the man she loves to save Olivia and company. I'm hoping David and Abby can still make up. 

Christine: The poor guy really can't catch a break, can he? I'd really like to see him end up on top at some point...and I'd love to see he and Abby find their way back together.

Miranda: Poor David Rosen. The guy just can't win, and the promo for next week has him in some serious trouble. Maybe now that Verna's gone and Olivia doesn't have that connection he'll have better luck. If he even has a job anywhere.

Leigh: Maybe a really lowly random case nobody cares about but he won't be making headlines anytime soon.

Carla: Yes, but not necessarily as a prosecutor. He still has a promising career ahead of him after going over a few speed bumps.

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