Justified Round Table: "Outlaw"

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Rest in peace, Arlo.

Justified Season 4 aired a major episode on Tuesday, as "Outlaw" ended the life of one major character, while offering up hopeful life chances for another.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Dan Forcella, Nick McHatton, Jim Garner and Carla Day gather around to discuss the death of Arlo, the identity of Drew Thompson and a lot more...


What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Dan: Had to be Raylan's second shootout in as many eps, but it was less about the actual fight and more about Boyd telling Raylan that he was still invited to the wedding.

Nick: I'm in agreement with Dan on this one; plus, I loved when Raylan stopped the tension midway by commenting on Ava's engagement ring.

Christine: I loved Boyd out of nowhere asking for a Dairy Queen and then Ava's quip that she'd love a Peanut Buster Parfait. After such a tense scene I couldn't stop laughing.

Jim: I'm with the guys. Raylan's "Jesus, I hope I got that right" after shooting the deputy several times made me laugh hard.

Carla: Definitely "I hope I got that right." Followed by Boyd's request for a Dairy Queen.

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Should Raylan take more than two days off to mourn Arlo?
Dan: No. Kiss. My. Ass.

Nick: The most we're getting is Raylan's small moment before the elevator. Arlo isn't a man who deserves to be mourned, especially not by his son.

Christine: For most people I'd say yes - but Raylan will probably find more trouble during his time off. He's safer and saner if he just keeps working the case.

Jim: Raylan should take a couple of days off, not to mourn Arlo's death, but to find closure on what a horrible father he was. Arlo really can't hurt Raylan any more and that deserves some processing.

Carla: Absolutely not. Raylan without the job is a Raylan getting in trouble. He's better when he has a focus. Though, it would be nice for him to check up on Winona during these days. He may have had a crappy father, but he can use that to be better for his own child.

We are close to learning who Drew is. Any speculations at this point?
Dan: Yes, Shelby.  As I said in my review from "Outlaw," I want it to be someone we already know, and I think he's our only solid option. His interest in the widow put him over the top as number-one candidate.

Nick: I really have no idea.

Christine: Things certainly seem to be pointing to Shelby. He was asking a lot of questions about the widow. He had a wife who left him under mysterious circumstances. We know next to nothing about his past but what a great way to stay hidden: become the Sheriff and have all the information you need to stay hidden.

Jim: I think Dan has it. Between Shelby's interest in the ex-wife and his comment to Ellen May about "Pretend long enough, it ain't pretend no more" makes me think we've been seeing Drew this whole time.

Carla: Shelby seems like the obvious choice at this point, but if he had that much money why didn't he run instead of going to prison? If it's not him, I have no idea other than possibly one of the men that Boyd screwed over.

Who will confront Colton first: Johnny or Tim?
Dan: I don't think Johnny will confront him. I think Cousin Johnny is more likely to go running to Cousin Boyd to tell him everything that has been going on. That way he can let Boyd confront Colton.  Cousin Johnny doesn't have the stones to go up to Colt's face. Didn't you see him sneaking around with that cell phone?

Nick: Tim for sure. Johnny is more of an information man than a confrontation man.

Christine: Definitely not Johnny. As the boys have already said, he's a coward at heart. He'll happily let Boyd take care of this mess.

Jim: I think Colton is screwed either way, but I'm giving Tim the odds of avenging his friend. Tim's nature is not one to let something go.

Carla: Johnny is too scared of Colton to directly confront him. I think he'll remain behind the scenes trying to freak Colton out. Tim will at least question him about the killings.

Pen a eulogy for Arlo.
Dan: You sir, were the worst father a cowboy could ask for. Kiss. My. Ass.

Nick: Arlo is an ass. Arlo now lies below grass.

Christine: A shiv in the chest. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy or a lousier father. I hope you stocked up on sunblock for your trip. You're going to need it.

Jim: Here lies Arlo in the dirt and muck/For many this would just suck/But not for Arlo who was a stupid... ass.

Carla: He's not worth a eulogy, just stick him in the ground.

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