How I Met Your Mother Review: Just a Small Town Girl

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The Captain prepared to set sail this week on How I Met Your Mother, but rocked the boat when he asked Lily to come work for him in Rome. 

On "Romeward Bound," Lily was offered her dream job, but turned it down just as quickly as it was proposed. At the bar, Robin and Barney's wedding planner turned up the heat between Barney and his best man.

Sad as I would be to see Marshall and Lily move to Rome, their exchanges were that great blend of humor and tenderhearted banter, which does so well to portray their love. I was a little surprised Lily spoke to Ted and Barney first about the job offer before Marshall. While it may have been intended to keep the story lines synced, it was a blemish on what was an otherwise solid episode.

If Lily was to go to anyone before Marshall, it would have been Robin. 

Lily's Italian Nightmare

I was also a little surprised to see Marshall so willing to walk away from his law career. Yes, it was touching how he was willing to do so in order for Lily to continue her dream job.

Given what he went through to get to where he is, though, it just seemed a bit of a leap for his character and the overall story. Where Marshall didn't miss? The scene on the stoop where his broken Italian spoke volumes to Lily about how he feels for her. Also, Don Eriksen's stroll down the streets of Little Italy made for a scene you couldn't refuse praise. 

Making up the other half of the episode was Ted and Barney's obsession with Liddy Gates and her oversized jacket. Well, more like the body that could melt a Nazi's face, hidden beneath it.

Ted and Barney's interactions were pretty standard scenes for the two friends, complete with a great Raiders of the Lost Arc reference, but when Ted offered Barney some unsolicited advice about Robin, it got real. The sleeping elephant in the room, the tension between the two friends who loved the same woman, suddenly woke up. 

The final scene where Robin greeted Barney in a coat of her own showed once again why she is the coolest fiance ever. In the end, they got to see the redonkulous body, but what was also revealed was evidence of an old wound reopened. 

Romeward Bound Review

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

Lily: When you said you were about to get reamed?
Marshall: Oh right that. No, sometimes for fun, we throw reams of paper at each other. Bernard! Not a good time! Read the room!

Indiana Jones wouldn't look at this body. This is a body that would melt a Nazi's face.