Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Lacey"

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Just when Mr. Gold broke down and asked for help to get Belle back, Regina stepped in and "Lacey" appeared on Once Upon a Time this week.

Below, our TV Fanatic Round Table team of Nick McHatton, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide which woman is the better match for Mr. Gold and whether life would be better in the Enchanted Forest.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Nick: I enjoyed watching David play wingman for Mr. Gold, and it's always good to have a favor to cash in.

Gareth: The scenes with Belle and Rumple in the Enchanted Forest were fantastic. It evoked memories of "Skin Deep" in season one which is, in my opinion, the best episode so far in the whole show. Further exploration of how Belle came to love the Beast has been what most Rumbelle fans have been waiting to see all season. The final Lacey/Gold scene was both great and shocking. You know trouble's brewing when Gold's cane makes an appearance!

Jim: As bad as it sounds, I really liked seeing Mr. Gold showing his true colors, as he had finally had enough and snapped. He needed to remember who he was before he can remind Belle who she is.

Christine: I'm with Nick. I liked seeing Gold ask David for help. He must really care about Belle to bring himself to do that. But thanks to Regina, the whole thing ended up going horribly wrong.

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Should Emma consider starting over in the fairy tale world?

Nick: I can see the appeal of Emma starting over there. Her life has been filled with emptiness and tragedy for most of the time she's been here, and getting a fresh start in fairy tale world is tempting. Emma definitely needs something to do because she hasn't had much to do since breaking the curse.

Gareth: It's tough for Emma. So much has happened to her this year so maybe a fresh start is what she needs. I think Henry's needs have to come into consideration as well. Regina is still his mother and he does love her on some level. I don't think he would truly want to leave her behind forever.

Jim: Yes, she needs a fresh start and apparently Sherwood is going to need a new sheriff.

Christine: Jumping to a world she doesn't really know where ogres could rip her arms off doesn't sound terribly appealing. Plus, Regina will raise holy hell if she tries it. It sounds great on paper but life is never a fairy tale.

Who's the better woman for Mr. Gold, Belle or Lacey?

Nick: Lacey and her lust for the darkness in Mr. Gold is awesome for story purposes, and her influence on Mr. Gold is a perfect bookend to where he is in the beginning of the episode.

Gareth: Lacey likes her bad boys. She will definitely bring out the darkness in Gold so Belle is probably the better woman for him long term. Lacey  is going to be so much fun to watch though.

Jim: Both. Being with Lacey might help Gold get true love's kiss and assist them both (all three?) at the same time.

Christine: Lacey and Gold will undoubtedly be fun for a while but Belle obviously brings out the best in him. I've got my fingers crossed they find their way back to that.

What's weirder: Belle staying in the hospital for weeks, August being Henry's play date or Neal having no clue what his fiancee is up to?

Nick: I'm still bitter over August being a boy again, but Neal having no clue about Tamara really takes the weird cake. He's a man who continues to watch his back, and his life is a long series of coincidences but he's completely blind to Tamara.

Gareth: They are all pretty weird. I'm truly stumped as to why Belle was in the hospital for so long though. The real mystery is how Regina has just casually taken back her role as Mayor. Emma and the "two idiots" obviously sucked at running the town and she had to intervene!

Jim: Neal is totally distracted by Henry, he's off the hook. The other two are a bit odd, but edge to Belle. No reason a healthy person (even with no memories) would need to stay in hospital that long.

Christine: You know it's a fairy tale when the the hospital allows you to stay that long and you're not on death's door. But August being Henry's play date wins out for me. One day Emma and August are flirting and the next he's Henry's little friend. That's kind of creepy.

Any guesses on what Regina will do with the magic beans?

Nick: She's either going to destroy them or create a portal back to fairy tale land. She might be itching to be The Evil Queen again.

Gareth: Plotting to take Henry back to the Enchanted Forest with her and retake the Kingdom. Though whether that works out remains to be seen. I think Regina needs to be more concerned with what Greg and Tamara are up to with Hook.

Jim: Add them to Grandma's Chili? Short of sending people to different areas, no idea. I do want to know why the blue Faerie didn't ward AGAINST her. Seems kinda dumb.

Christine: It would be a perverse sort of fun to have the dwarves come back to find their harvest decimated and the beans destroyed…all but the ones Regina keeps for herself.

Who would you rather see in Storybrooke: Captain Hook or Robin Hood?

Nick: Right now I would rather see Hook since his story isn't tied up at all. With Robin Hood his story was neatly tied up, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see him again.

Gareth: Would love to see some more Robin Hood. Tom Ellis has been on so many great BBC projects and it was a shame to get less than 5 minutes of him in the episode, especially since ABC heavily promoted the Robin Hood angle.  Such a waste of a great talent.

Jim: Can I vote for Ariel? Okay, fine. I want to see more of Hood. We saw way to little of him.

Christine: I feel as though we barely saw Robin Hood. Kind of a let down. But how many times can Hook get kicked in the teeth and keep coming back for more. The man has taken a beating in Storybrooke, but I'm hoping he has something to do with bringing Belle back.

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