Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Straight On 'Til Morning"

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"Straight On 'Til Morning" sent our fairy tale favorites scrambling to save Storybrooke. Who were the heroes as the season ended?

Our Once Upon a Time Round Table team of Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined here by Gareth from the site Once Upon a Fan to debate why Peter Pan wants Henry and what the most surprising moments were on the season finale on Once Upon a Time season 2.


What was your favorite scene?

Jim: Oh god! Where to start?!? I loved that Belle got her memories back... I adored Regina wanting to do the right thing enough to sacrifice herself... and of course I loved Emma calling Snow and Charming "Mom" and "Dad" when they thought they were going to die. Hard to pick just one this week. OH WAIT! Neil is alive in the Enchanted Forest - that takes the favorite scene!

Gareth: Emma finally calling Snow and Charming Mom and Dad ranks pretty high. A truly touching moment. The scene with Emma and Regina stopping the trigger was also great. It's really hard to pick because I pretty much loved the whole episode. It had the intensity and appeal that had made season one so popular.

Nick: I can't pick just one! So I'm going to pick three: Regina wanting to die a hero and being remembered as Regina instead of the evil queen; Seeing the relationship between Bae and Hook; Emma saying Mom and Dad.

Christine: Apparently none of us can pick just one. I loved seeing that Hook felt such a bond towards Bae but Regina willing to sacrifice herself and asking to be remembered as Regina and not the Evil Queen was the highlight of the episode for me.

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Any ideas on why Peter Pan wants Henry?

Jim: Maybe he knows that Henry is the key to the Dark One's downfall. But not sure why he would randomly snatch up boys from London for him. I'm guessing we will find out.

Gareth: Heard a few theories since the finale aired. One of our staffers wondered whether Peter Pan was just a shadow at this point. Perhaps he is trying to find the one boy who can make him whole? Maybe Henry is that boy.

Nick: I think there's a reason why Peter Pan doesn't have a body. I'm wondering if Peter Pan needs a child of magic so he can stay a boy.

Christine: Wow! Those are great theories. I was assuming that Peter has some connection to Rumpelstiltskin since Rumpel seems to know everyone! We'll all have to wait until the Fall to find out.

Most surprising moment: Belle's return, Regina being willing to sacrifice herself or Henry's kidnapping?

Jim: Going with the last. I was not expecting them to kidnap Henry or to take him to Neverland. Given how much they hated magic, I figured they would have gone to DC or something.

Gareth: Regina is my favorite character so I loved seeing her story arc come full circle. It was so satisfying to see the whole town rally and take 'the hard road' in order to save her.

Nick: The minute I saw Henry was gone in the mine all I could think of was "please don't pull a Lost, please don't pull a Lost with Walt." But, because of the kidnapping, seeing all of my favorite characters, both the good and "evil" ones, teaming up to go save him is awesome.

Christine: Definitely Henry's abduction and the best part is forcing all of these different characters with their complex histories to work together. I'm guessing it won't go smoothly.

Will Belle be able to protect Storybrooke on her own?

Jim: No, but thankfully she's not on her own. She has Red, Granny, and eight dwarfs (if you count Tiny), just to name a few.

Gareth: She will have support and the Blue Fairy is still around to protect the town. I do wonder if the Home Office may try to make a move against Storybrooke in the absence of the major players.

Nick: With Mother Superior still in Storybrooke, and Gold's instructions, Belle will be just fine.

Christine: I don't know. Mr. Gold and Regina are the real power players when it comes to magic. With both of them out of the picture things could get tricky for Belle and the rest of the residents of Storybrooke.

Who was your favorite character and most disappointing character this season?

Jim: Honestly, the season was so well balanced that I don't have a disappointing character or one favorite above the rest. Regina and Rumple both were multi-layered and great, but then so was Snow, Charming, Emma and Neil. It was just so well done!

Gareth: Regina is still my favorite. She has so much sass and Lana Parrilla just owns the role and conveys all the different emotions of the character so well. I was disappointed in Cora the most. So much potential for a great villain to rein down fire on Storybrooke and all she really did was sit around Regina's house scowling. I never felt threatened by her until her last episode.

Nick: My favorite is Regina. She's a deeply flawed character who has ups and downs in happiness. Her default coping mechanism when she's in pain is to always lead on being the Evil Queen, but Henry brings out the best in her and she's willing to change because of him. Most disappointing: August, it has less to do his character and more to do with his exit. I'm still bitter.

Christine: Regina and Mr. Gold are the stars of the show for me and they both brought their A games this season. Disappointments… I was hoping Emma would find a little more of her magic this season and I felt like Charming almost became a secondary character for a while. But with so many amazing characters, it's difficult to showcase everyone's talents all of the time.

Which realm do you hope to see more of in season 3: Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest or Neverland?

Jim: I hope we get to see more of the Enchanted Forest because Neil is there and it looks like Aurora/Mulan saved Prince Phillip, but I'm really curious to see how they do Neverland and Peter Pan.

Gareth: I think we will see elements of all 3 realms next season but I'm really excited to see Neverland. The new puzzle with Henry has sent my brain into overdrive. It's going to be a long summer!

Nick: The stories are in the Enchanted Forest and Neverland. I'm excited to see Neal surrounded with magic after doing everything he can escape it, and the rescue of Henry, like I said above, brings all of my favorite characters to the same side.

Christine: I don't know what to expect from Neverland but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone together in the Enchanted Forest, especially Emma, Neal, and Henry. I'm sure not everyone will be happy there and that will surely cause plenty of angst next season.

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