True Blood Round Table: "Who Are You, Really?"

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Who is Bill Compton, really?

That was the main question asked and not entirely answered on the True Blood Season 6 premiere, as Bill battled with his new self; Nora drove a wedge between Eric and Pam; and the Governor of Louisiana took a major step toward ending his people's conflict with members of the undead.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines and Chris O'Hara are joined by Liz Henderson of to break down "Who Are You, Really," debating their favorite scenes, quotes and more...


What was your favorite quote or scene from the premiere?
Matt: Pam referred to killing Mary Poppins and getting sand in her cooch. Please don't make me choose between those True Blood quotes.

Leigh: There's nothing like Eric Northman pulling up in a Denali in the midst of destruction and chaos, lamenting that it's time to ditch that party! Classic cool Northman. Loved that whole scene and everyone's reactions to each other.

Chris: My favorite scene also featured our favorite viking, when Eric told Sookie how she will always be that girl in the white dress, the one who walked into his bar. I loved being taken back there to the early days of the show.

Liz: I'll go with favorite scene since I'm pretty sure favorite quote will be unanimous. I loved the scene between Bill and Jessica when he was trying to ask her to keep him in control because he doesn't really know what happened to him or what he is. It was a tender moment and I loved it right up to Bill tucking Jessica in. "Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite." How cute is that!

True Blood Round Table

Did Jessica make the right decision in standing by Bill?
Matt: No, but that's assuming we can even call it a "decision." The Maker/Makee bond goes beyond anything we humans can relate to. Jessica may just be trying to see the best in Bill, but she also may be essentially compelled to do so.

Leigh: Judging by what happened when she tried to resist his summons, I'm gonna go with yes. Better to stay on Billith's good side.

Chris: I agree with Leigh. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Bill is certainly unpredictable. Surviving a staking certainly is "some heady sh-t" Bill, but so was that freezing Jess's Tru Blood in mid-air. Bill does not have control of himself, I just hope Jess doesn't pay the price as a result.

Liz: I think she make the right decision for herself. She had just told Sookie how alone she was without Bill, her maker. Even though Sookie offered her friendship, it could never be the same because Sookie is human. Remember that Jessica was turned vampire against her will, and even though she had fun with her freedom at first, she quickly came to see the really bad side of being vampire. She's suffered heartbreak and loss because of what she is. Sookie's friendship, while easing her loneliness a little, can never replace her maker and daddy.

Will you miss Luna?
Matt: The actress? Yes. This Janina Gavankar interview is my single favorite in TV Fanatic history. The character? No. True Blood needs to kill off a lot more in order to continually raise the stakes every season.

Leigh: She was alright. But I think Lafayette is already making a great stand in nanny!

Chris: I liked Luna very much and had hoped she and Sam could have made a go at a semi normal life, as much as can be for two shifters in a supernatural laden world. She will be missed, but Laffa Poppins was a great stand in as Leigh said.

Liz: Yes! Even though I saw it coming I was hoping I was wrong and that somehow Sam could revive her. Poor Sam!

Who is Jason's mysterious new friend?
Matt: It ain't Warlow, that's the extent of my guess. As I wrote about in my review, does Warlow strike anyone as the kind of vampire who would pull some kind of disguise or prank? He'd have no reason to, not based on the scary stories we've heard. I say this dude in the car is looking out for Jason, not looking to cause him harm.

Leigh: Call it an educated guess... it's his and Sookie's Fairy Godfather. Or Warlow disguised as his Godfather.

Chris: I was pretty sure it was Warlow. Jason's commentary about how his parents have gotten kind of racist and scary since going to heaven was priceless, what with the Sixth Sense reference and Bunny Ranch line.

Liz: That's Warlow! And I think Warlow and Niall are one and the same.

Most intriguing rivalry: Governor Burrell vs. the Vampires; Eric vs. Pam; or Sookie vs. Her Desire for a Normal Life.
Matt: For some reason, I'm a sucker for political storylines on TV shows. I even loved the Florrick campaign on The Good Wife. There are just so many directions in which this Governor Burrell thing could go, so he has my vote. Plot wise, not office wise. I'd never vote that loon into office.

Leigh: Governor Burrell definitely. He's crazy train. That said, I don't like Eric and Pam at odds. Sookie trying to have a normal life? Hilarious.

Chris: Governor Burrell definitely had me raising an eyebrow or two as to what exactly his angle is. He will be an interesting character to watch for sure. Eric is being pulled in so many directions by the women in his life, I hope it doesn't tear him to pieces.

Liz: Honestly, Gov. Burrell bored me to tears. I don't even care about him or his motives. Eric vs. Pam is the most intriguing rivalry. After being together for so many years and seeing how much Pam feels for Eric, it's really rather sad that he's treating her like he is. He just cut her loose and walked away, so to speak. What's she supposed to do now without him? It will be great to watch Pam come into her own.

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