Rookie Blue Round Table: "For Better, For Worse"

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Rookie Blue fans were invited to a wedding last Thursday, as Frank and Noelle tied to knot in "For Better, For Worse"

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Mindy, Debbie, and Birikti from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum for this week's Rookie Blue Round Table as they decide if Gail and Holly make a good pair and whether Andy will give Nick a chance. Pull up a virtual chair and gather around now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Mindy: I loved this episode!!  I found myself laughing and smiling at so many different parts, which can't be said about the past few episodes. My favorite scenes were the ones with Andy and Nick in the car - I loved to see her singing and being silly again.  The fun quirky Andy, asking Nick if he needs her as a wingman, is a side of her that I've missed.

Debbie: Noelle. The whole period of Noelle from where she tells Tracy at the house that she wasn’t getting married to when she realizes in the car she has to tell Frank herself to the conversation she has with Frank outside where he tells her “It’s just me baby.”

Birikti: I liked seeing Dov come through for Oliver. Ollie has always been there for the rookies, so it was great to see someone there for him and giving him the boost he needed.

Christine: Frank telling Sam how he knew that he and Noelle were the real deal, despite having two failed marriages behind him.  It was heartwarming to see how happy and content he was on his wedding day.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Should Oliver give Zoe another chance or move on?

Mindy: Oliver needs to MOVE ON!! Nothing we've seen of Zoe shows that she appreciates how charming or thoughtful he really is.  He deserves better than to be wanted only because she thinks he is moving on.

Debbie: No. Period. Oliver told Andy in the beginning of the season that although it was hard he was going to try again with Zoe so that he can never look back and say what if.  Oliver has no reason to look back and wonder what if. Go Celery!

Birikti: It's time to move on, and I like how he responded to Celery. They already had their second chance, but with kids it's good they will talk later and keep it civil.

Christine: It's unanimous. Oliver has done everything he can to save his marriage. It's just not working for either of them. Zoe feeling down because her boyfriend broke up with jealous because she sees Oliver moving on isn't a good enough reason to get back together.

Once Andy has time to process it, how do you think she'll react to Nick having romantic feelings for her?

Mindy: Tough question. The way she looked at him at the end of the wedding made me think that she's taking those feelings into consideration. Whether or not she decides to explore them further,  I think she'll try to handle it in a way that maintains their friendship.

Debbie: This question is the hardest. I don’t see Andy having romantic feelings for Nick. That said, the Andy I know will be concerned about her friendship not only with Nick but also Gail.  I am not confident that this will happen.

Birikti: Think she'll have mixed emotions. She's already close to Nick and it's flattering to be the object of someone's attention when your ex has moved on. But she'll also have hesitation due to the various friendships involved.

Christine: I think she'll worry about her friendship with Gail but in the end, I think she'll give it a go with Nick. They're already very close. They have fun together and secretly it will feel good to rub it in Sam's face just a little.

What are your thoughts on a Gail and Holly pairing?

Mindy: I love the Gail and Holly pairing!  Holly doesn't seem to take herself too seriously and I think that's exactly what Gail needs right now - to lighten up and have some FUN!  And, it's refreshing to see that Gail may have to do the pursuing with Holly.

Debbie: I loved Holly’s playfulness with Gail.  I hope the writers actually continue Gail and Holly’s relationship over multiple seasons to show how being LGBT affects their life choices on and off the job. 

Birikti: Interested to see where it goes. Gail's questions remind me a bit of a young child (blame it on the alcohol?) but Holly seems to understand her and take things in stride.

Christine: I'm always a little leery when show's change an adult character's sexual preference midstream. That said,  so far I've really enjoyed all of the scenes between Gail and Holly so I'm willing to see where this goes. 

When it comes to weddings, are you a romantic like Andy or a cynic like Gail?

Mindy: I'm a total sap at weddings and always tear up, even when I don't know the couple that well. The ideas of hope, love and pledging to share your life with someone are really romantic to me.

Debbie: I am definitely a romantic like Andy, wanting everything to be perfect and teary eyed at the vows.  It really bugged me that Nick would put the ceremony on speakerphone yet talk thru it.  If he was going to put it on speakerphone, he should have just kept quiet, just like being at the ceremony so Andy could hear it.

Birikti: A bit of both depending on the people and circumstances involved.

Christine: I'm a cynic and yet I love the ceremony of it. The dress, the flowers, whether the bridesmaids' dresses are lovely or hideous.  Depending on the couple I don't always see the romance but the entire process is usually entertaining.

Which was more shocking, that Noelle may have breast cancer, that she almost bailed on Frank, or that deep down she feels like she trapped him by getting pregnant?

Mindy: I was more shocked that Noelle would choose to get pregnant at 38 when she believed she would inevitably get cancer and die at a young age. Frank was on board with the pregnancy from the minute she shared that with him, so that part of the storyline felt a bit off to me.

Debbie: Most definitely that she felt she trapped him by getting pregnant.  That to me showed a more vulnerable, insecure Noelle that I never knew was there.  I love that Frank knew what to say to her (See #1) and I hope they bring Noelle back next season to tell the story of a woman with breast cancer just like the LGBT story (See #4).

Birikti: The possible breast cancer; a lot of brides have last minute nerves and Frank always seemed happy about the baby.

Christine: That she felt she trapped Frank by getting pregnant. It's sad but in the back of her mind she may always wonder if they only got together because of the baby.

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