True Blood Round Table: "Radioactive"

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Time has been jumped. Vampires have become infected. And Eric Northman may be dead.

Okay, Eric Northman is definitely not dead... but still. A lot went down on the True Blood Season 6 finale and before we turn our attention to True Blood Season 7, Round Table panelists Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and Liz Henderson of are here to relive various developments from "Radioactive."

Pull up a virtual chair now and chime in on the following topics...


What was your favorite scene from the finale?
Leigh: Jason being the one to save his sister and kill Warlow (with Grandpa Niall's help). He's had so many people taken from him and felt helpless so many times. I'm glad he was the one to take down the bad guy and save his sister. Honorable mention: Andy Bellefleur's NY accent when Violet said she and Jason were monogamous. "Dat's some bullshit!"

Chris: The scene where Jessica came to offer her protection to Andy and Adeline, just because it was the most intense moment of the episode. I think I held my breath the entire time until Andy finally put that gun down.

Liz: Jessica talking to Bill and convincing him to go after Sookie. She has had the best role as Billith keeper this season and she's done a great job.

True Blood Round Table

After hearing Mayor Merlotte’s speech, which vampire would you chose to feed off and protect you?
Leigh: Totally picking Bill. He knows what he's doing

Chris: I would have to go with Jessica, if they were going to feed directly off me. I thought first about Pam, but she would probably be too distracted to really have my back. If I could fill some blood bags ahead of time, my choice would be Eric without question, otherwise those thousand-year old fangs are a bit intimidating.

Liz: Tara! She's fierce when she's in protective mode. Never thought I'd like her as a vampire but these past two seasons have shown me wrong.

Violet and Jason: Ship em or tell her to ship out?
Leigh: She's growing on me, but I don't like that dirty look she gave J. Stackhouse at the BBQ. Chill with the jealousy, girl. It's not a good look on anyone.

Chris: I agree with Leigh. The jealousy thing has got to go. I would be more worried about all that corn Jason was looking to put away. Things are getting serious quick, though, with these two. Before Sookie interrupted them, Violet was offering Jason her blood. I did respect how she noted being 800  years old and had no intention to feed on Adeline despite her wonderful smelling blood.

Liz: I'm not feeling the connection between them yet, but I am interested in knowing more about Violet. She's almost as old as Eric and reminds me a lot of him. There's got to be a great story with her.

Are you happy to see Sookie and Alcide together?
Leigh: I'm into it. Especially since Alcide got rid of that weave that had on him at the beginning of the episode. She needs a break from vampire boyfriends and she and Alcide have been flirting for years.

Chris: I was happy to see them together, along with my man’s mane closely cropped. The whole Michael Landon look was not working.

Liz: I'm happy. Sookie is all giggly schoolgirl and Alcide is happy and not brooding anymore. And he's not an ass. I do like them together.

Grade True Blood Season 6.
Leigh: B-. The whole governor vamp camp storyline was interesting. Loved the return of the Newlins. Even Warlow got interesting for awhile. But Sam and Alcide's dumb feud was a waste of space.

Chris: B+. I didn’t mind vamp camp at all. Pam’s therapy sessions, prior to sleeping with Dr. Cardigan, Eric owning those guards and Sarah Newlin’s scenes were fine by me. The Alcide pack arc was a real let down, however, and I thought they wrapped up the Warlow thing a tad quickly.

Liz: A!

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