Low Winter Sun Review: Risky Business

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Frank Agnew is clearly an emotional wreck.

This character is trapped in a world where he's no longer with his wife, the one he loves is missing and he's hunting leads on the murder of McCann (who he actually killed)... all while trying to avoid internal affairs sniffing him out, keeping Geddes from killing anyone else - and, oh yeah, doing some regular police work every now and again. That is some stressful stuff.

Unfortunately for Agnew, "Catacombs" sent him deeper into the tangled mess of problems.

Frank's Dark Road

He's determined to find Katia, that's for sure, but I do wonder just how happy of a reunion that would even be. Can it be?

Agnew is clearly a complicated guy, and actor Mark Strong makes sure to bring that out of his character. On the one hand, you can see there is that level of goodness in him. He's willing to help out a former cop (who happens to have been with Maya in the past), even if that guy seems way worse off than him. A possible reflection of Agnew's possible future?

Yet, the whole Katia business, perhaps even more than dealing with the murder of McCann, is the real damaging weapon to his psyche and day to day actions.

He's willing to place himself into the world of pimps and prostitutes, not as a cop, and try and gather any clues to the emerald eyed beauty.

And while I liked that he was willing to just talk and help out the first prostitute at the start of the hour, I was so disappointed that he succumbed to the catacombs for which the episode is named.

They were so sketchy and seedy that it made me feel uncomfortable watching him walk around in silence to get there. Even the people telling him anything goes there mixed with the dim lights and creepy guide made that icky feeling of the so-called underworld.

But it simply led to a dead end on the Katia front.

Except, Agnew so wanted the girl to be the Katia he was looking for that he seemed to give in and forget who he was. It was a sad moment for him... and gross as well that he would let it happen despite how distraught he was feeling. I hope that's a one time deal for him.

It was interesting that Agnew knew Maya (who we got to see her watch her kids from a distance), I'm curious how her former cop husband will come into play now that he's rooming with Agnew.

And while Damon is something of a bad guy because of his criminal status and running a whore house, there's something interesting about him and the way he handles situations from burning his own man to demanding no girls be under age.

As it is, he's certainly looking to make a move on Skelos, but whether he'll have the backing of his new "crew" to help takeover, only time will tell. He's definitely not going to want to sit in the shadows for long, but that could also put him in the spotlight of the police, especially since the bar already is.

I do have to admit it was nice getting to see a little humor from Geddes calling out Simon Boyd as a weirdo, as it was seeing some personal life even if for a brief moment.

One thing is for sure: with all the dangling threads of story seemingly intertwined, and each hour diving into that dark, dark world of Detroit, the lines are getting pulled closer and closer together. I just hope that when everything comes together, there's at least some glimmer of hope behind all the shady activities taking place and not just a major blowout of destruction and revelation.

Catacombs Review

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