Suits Season 3 Report Card: Grade It!

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USA just wrapped up a stellar summer run of Suits Season 3 episodes.

From the merger to the new dynamics - both personal and professional - it created at the firm, we watched Pearson Darby change inside and out. So while we wait for our favorite legal drama to return this winter, let’s grade what we’ve seen so far... TV Fanatic Report Card style!

Mike's Secret

Best Episode: There’s just something about a good flashback that totally makes a season. For Suits, “The Other Time” was that episode. While we still don’t quite know what the can opener is all about, we now have a better idea of where Donna and Harvey’s relationship began and how like Mike Harvey was in the beginning.

Best Litt-ism: When Louis exclaimed "This is Litt-tastic" a whole new Litt-ism was born, adding to already colorful Suits quotes section.

Roughest Rivalry: Nigel Nesbitt v. Louis Litt. We all knew Louis adding Nigel to his efficiency list was a big mistake, but I don’t think we learned how big a mistake it was until it was too late. If only Louis had kept his cool about the bran bars and his Uniballs.

Best Firm Name: It only took 10 episodes for Pearson Darby to change names three times, but I think we can all agree that Pearson Specter is by far the best!

Makeup We Needed the Most: The merger took a terrible toll on Harvey and Jessica's relationship, only made worse when Harvey chose to cast his lot with Darby. It's really rough when Mom and Dad fight, so we were more than happy to have the fences mended between Harvey and Jessica.

Best Comeback: Season 3 has seen the return of many characters of seasons past. The return that owned them all was when Harold appeared as a surprise witness during Nigel and Louis' mock trial in "She's Mine." I forgot how much I missed that guy! It was only made better by his sparring with Louis in "Endgame."

Hopes for 3.5: It would bring me no greater pleasure than to watch the firm recover from the internal turmoil that plagued it during the early stages of season 3. Though as we saw in those final few seconds of "Stay," a whole new controversy is brewing within Pearson Specter's walls, and it may result in another name being added to the door.

Overall Grade: A.

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Suits Season 3 so far?

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