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Suits Season 8 Episode 10 Review: Managing Partner

Suits Review: Managing Partner

On Suits Season 8 Episode 10, Alex and Samantha went head-to-head to be named managing partner, but which one secured a win? We have the full review.
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19 TV Duos That Should Become Trios

19 TV Duos That Should Become Trios

There is no better way to combat love triangles or TV duo decision making than just combining it into all into a trio. Which favorite TV duo do you think could get even better by adding a third person?
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Suits Season 8 Episode 9 Review: Motion to Delay

Suits Review: Motion to Delay

On Suits Season 8 Episode 9, Katrina and Brian work on a personal case together, but there is tension of many varieties. An old foe comes after Zane. Read on for more!
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Suits Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Coral Gables

Suits Review: Coral Gables

On Suits Season 8 Episode 8, Louis was shocked to have to face his nemesis from his teenage years. Did he get some much-need closure? Read the full review.
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Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams anchor this series. It focuses on a corporate lawyer who teams up with a college dropout.

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The rules dictate that you must be precise as the law is a precise endeavor.