Revenge Round Table: "Sin"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the new season take more interesting twists and turns.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down the copious amounts of "Sin" that we saw unfold and look ahead to next week and beyond.

Weigh in with your own responses regarding all of these Revenge topics below!


1. Do you believe that Aiden really wants to take Emily down?

Kate: You know, I am having a really tough time wrapping my head around this scenario. You know, one hand - absolutely not. After everything they've been through together. But after last night, revealing to Victoria that they've had a relationship that pre-dates Daniel. I truly hope not because I've come to adore Aiden, it'll break my heart if he is truly down this path.

Miranda: I really, really hope they're working together and we just don't know it. While I want Emily to end up with Jack, I do love her with Aiden. Basically I love her with anyone other than Daniel. But if he really DOES hate her, WHY? 

Christine: Although I don't love Aiden as much as Kate, I do have a hard time believing he'd turn on Emily so completely. But if the two are still working together they're certainly hiding it well.  Revenge definitely has me second guessing this one.

Steve: Absolutely not. I don't think anything Emily did that hurt him trumps their past bond, at least not to the point where he'd turn on her SO dramatically. I also question why he'd bring Victoria into the loop so obviously. It just feels like he's playing Victoria to me, and I love it.

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2. Discuss Margaux: Welcome and interesting addition or just another pretty, boring character?

Kate: Interesting addition. I like the tension she sort of adds with Daniel. I was disappointed to find out that they did not sleep together. Sigh.

Miranda: Right, Kate? That sly look on his face totally made me think he went for it. And I really wanted a solid reason to hate him. I think Margaux is just a replacement Ashley at this point, minus the scheming but plus the accent and impeccable attire. 

Christine: Her voice (which I love) drove me crazy until I remembered she was on the now cancelled ABC show PanAm. I like the actress and think the character will be an interesting pick between Daniel and Emily. I can't wait to see if they remain close friends or if they turn on one another at some point.

Steve: I, too, was disappointed that Daniel didn't sleep with her. Would have made her instantly more interesting, although I suppose there's still time.

3. Does Patrick have an ulterior motive for getting into Mama Grayson's good graces?

Kate: He's too nice to be in Revenge. He HAS to have an ulterior motive. Like, that is the theme of this show. People can't be good-natured in this show.

Miranda: I don't care if he has a motive. Can we just get him to take his shirt off again?

Christine: Can't there be one good, honest person? Just one? Yeah, I'm probably dreaming. We'll see what becomes of him if he sticks around and tries to hold his own against the Graysons.

Steve: It's possible he's not working some angle ... yet. He could be a genuine person who gets used by someone down the road, or who ends up being a pawn or collateral damage.

4. If you're Conrad and you think you're dying, do you confess your sins or take them with you to your grave?

Kate: He's alone. He's totally going to confess his sins.

Miranda: I think I confess because I have a conscience. Conrad doesn't seem to possess one of those.

Christine: If he's scared enough of the here after, he just might confess... and take Victoria down with him. That is if she doesn't get wind of his plan and kill him first.

Steve: If he keeps getting poisoned he may go mad enough to actually spill his guts. Can someone explain to me if he has the disease in his family or not? He seemed to imply that his dad actually does have it. Is Emily just making him think it's killing him rapidly, or is it 100 percent fabricated?

5. What's your favorite muffin variety. You know, in case Nolan ever bakes for you.

Kate: [No muffin preference specified]

Miranda: Chocolate chip! 

Christine:Nolan's always been my favorite character so he can bake for me anytime... well minus carrot muffins, and if it's banana muffins leave out the nuts, and... oh heck just make them chocolate chip and I'll be happy.

Steve: Banana oat bran all the way. Gotta make sure we get our fiber, Nol.

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