Revolution Review: Evolution

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The Supernatural-flavor came in hot on "Patriot Games."

I’m all for suspending disbelief and going along for the ride - and I’m all for taking the evolution out of Revolution - but this newest turn is just odd. Flipping the light switch on and off has clearly made the nanites different, and I could buy them bringing Aaron back to life.

A Plan for Resistance

But setting the two guards on fire and seeing through the nanites’ eyes or sonar – whatever it is – is taking things pretty far. This is not the show I signed up for, but things are early. So I’m hoping Revolution Season 2 will find a balance with the “evolution” so they don’t begin relying on it for the plot.

Rachel took another beating, both emotionally and physically. One of her good friends turned out to be a patriot trying to kill her and the only one who really believes what she’s saying is Miles. Gene just wants to keep her sane and safe, an admirable goal, but Rachel is the kind of person to follow her suspicions through to end. She’s not going to stop.

Charlie wasn’t able to escape from Monroe very long and it’s a good thing he kept tailing her since she nearly got roofied and nearly gang-raped without him. And then Charlie belittled him after she woke up. I’m not the biggest Monroe fan, but when someone saves you from a gang rape wouldn’t it just be good manners to hear the guy out without making a mockery of him?

Charlie making fun of his tears and failing to ask herself if Monroe is really having a change of heart doesn’t just make her rude, those actions also make her a hypocrite. Monroe has killed a lot people and done very bad things and Charlie’s family is a part of those numbers. But Charlie has killed, too, and she never bothered to ask if her victims had a family.

The Patriots took over Willoughby and while the rest of them are ruthless, I’m just having issues with believing Rex Van de Camp (sorry Steven Culp!) as being the guy in charge. Bree, Danielle and Andrew cut down any authority he had with surgical precision. It may just be part of his game plan to look nice and civilized (like the rest of the Patriots) until you get to a dark corner in the woods (where you get shot in the back), though.

With Willoughby closed to outsiders and Monroe and Charlie just a few miles out from it, I’m excited to see almost everyone back in one place.

Neville continues to rise in the ranks and he’s using all of his usually tricks to do so. It’s just unfortunate that he only now thinking of Jason; and he did not try very hard in his line of questioning. I just hope Jason is as far away as possible from Neville. The man is a ticking time bomb.

He has an addiction to power and won’t stop until his singular vision is completed. Any adversary, such as Jason's morality is only in the way.


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