The Bones Wedding: Photos, Promo, Poster!

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It's an event eight years in the making - and we're all invited!

On Monday's new episode of Bones Season 9, Brennan and Booth will tie the know. Expect tears, laughter, romance and special guests... such as Cyndi Lauper serenading the newlyweds.

TV Fanatic will cover the nuptials in depth with our weekly recap and review, of course, but allow us to get guests prepare for the epic event in the meantime. First, with the official Fox poster:

Bones Wedding Poster

Then, with the promo for "The Woman in White."

And lastly with a few looks at the bride in her dress and the groom in his tux via these photos from the episode:

Giving of Rings
Bones Gets Married
Walking Down the Aisle
The Happy Couple Gets Married
Escorting the Bride
Giving of Rings
Angela Walks Down the Aisle
The Wedding Rehearsal
Cam & Arastoo Celebrate
Standing With Dad
SquInterns Celebrate
The Distraction in the Plan
Brennan's Rehearsal Meltdown

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Bones Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Brennan: I don't need sleep to be beautiful.
Hodgins: No, but it does make you pleasant.

Hodgins: I'll put $25 on the wedding being cancelled.
Sweets: $50 says it's cancelled before the sun goes down.