The Bridge Review: "The Crazy Place"

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With David Tate in custody, Sonya shifted her focus to finding Eva and the missing girls of Juarez in "The Crazy Place."

The season finale felt less like a conclusion to the first season and more like a transitional hour to set up the mysteries for season 2. While several stories were disconnected from the main case involving David Tate during the initial season, those threads now have strengthened with raised stakes going forward.

The Final Search

Sonya was determined to find not only Eva, but to look into the other girls that have gone missing throughout the years. Hank originally tried to discourage her though she was able to convince him that there was a American connection. This investigation provided a reason for her to continue to work with Marco.

Marco continued to suffer after Gus' death and had a rage within him that he couldn't control. His attack on the fellow cop was brutal yet effective. Marco found out that Eva was still alive and where she was being kept. Through Eva, both Sonya and Marco became dedicated to finding out what was going on with the Juarez cop parties despite the dangers involved. The beaten cop was killed for for saving Eva, which emphasized the care they will need to take going forward.

The situation will get even more personal now that Daniela has gone missing. There's no way that Adriana and by extension Daniel Frye won't get further involved. They may have remained on the periphery of the David Tate investigation, but they won't hold back on this one. Going into season 2, I'm most looking forward to the continued interactions with Daniel Frye.

The Charlotte storyline in The Bridge season 1 was the least compelling. It never really fit in to the overall story, though that seems likely to change going into season 2. Her new relationship with Fausto and then the FBI could provide a counterbalance to the investigation into the missing girls. And, perhaps, even cross paths with the missing girls case. And, now that the FBI has made their presence known, it's going to be even more complicated.

Fausto is now the common denominator between the three main storylines. He has a contenious relationship with the police department, is working with Charlotte, and has a long family history with Marco. Initially, it made sense for Marco to go to Fausto to have Tate killed, since he's a man with the resources to make it happen. Plus, it was a way for Marco to potenitally get away with it.

The confusion came when Marco declared that he wanted to kill Tate. How would Fausto be able to help make that happen? And, would he allow Marco to go through with it?

Fausto: I will have him killed for you.
Marco: No, I want to kill him myself.

It will be intriguing to see how this renewed relationship will play out. Fausto will want something in return from Marco and it definitely put him in a precarious position. My hope would be that Sonya is able to get through to Marco and prevent this horrible stream of event from happening in the first place.
Juarez is a dangerous place and with the El Paso police becoming involved, it's likely that violence will continue to escalate across the border. Will the risk to Sonya be worth her investigation into the missing girls? That's questionable, but she's determined to do right by those girls.

The Crazy Place Review

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