The Originals Spoilers: Danielle Campbell on Connecting With Elijah, Wrangling Her Powers and More!

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When we last left off on The Originals, Davina was face-to-face with the best-dressed vampire of them all, Elijah.

But those expecting a major showdown between the supernatural creatures on The Originals Season 1 Episode 5 may be disappointed.

They will NOT be disappointed by the tremendous episode itself, however, as Davina does something truly shocking: she listens to what Elijah has to say... and she may or may not look at things differently as a result.

Viewers will also be treated to flashbacks involving Sophie and Davina, which explain a lot about the whole attic situation, along with how the teen witch ended up alongside Marcel.

During a phone chat yesterday, Danielle Campbell, who plays Davina, laid out what we'll see in tonight's episode and what we can expect from her moving forward...

Davina Out Of The Attic

TVFanatic: When we last talked on set, I’d only see the first episode and now there’s been so much more. What’s been your response with where Davina has gone so far on the show?

Danielle Campbell: I’m loving it so much! The thing I really like about Davina is that she struggles a lot with both sides of her. One side is this normal teenage girl and then one side is struggling with this immense power that she has. I think that really keeps it interesting for me as an actor to play with both of those.

TVF: How much are we going to see moving forward with Davina wrangling with her powers? Is she more in control than we realize?

DC: I think this week’s episode you’re going to see why she has all this power and what happened to her that put this side to her. You’re also going to see her backstory on why she hates the witches and why she’s with Marcel in the attic.

TVF: We see a lot of Davina with Elijah this week but I was surprised because I thought I’d see her be a bit more vindictive because in some ways he’s trying to pull her away from Marcel.

DC: I think Davina knowing what she does about The Originals, she heard some from Marcel and she’s also heard things, and I think she knows that Elijah is the noble one of the three and that gives her a little bit more incentive to hear what he wants to talk about with her. Also, I think you get a sense of how passionate and caring he is and wants what’s best for her to help her.

When he talks to her, she listens because this is somebody outside of her circle of where she’s been right now and he’s someone who wants to help her control her power. With what you’ve seen in episode four and five you see that’s the thing she wants the most right now is control the powers. When he offers that to her, I think that it’s an offer that she doesn’t want to refuse.

TVF: Is Davina going to have some guilt because she’s keeping a lot of this from Marcel. Is that going to catch up with her?

DC: I think it will definitely catch up with her and also I think she’s trying to look out for herself and also anyone she cares about like Marcel. If she doesn’t learn how to control her powers, she can hurt anyone that she cares about by accident.

TVF: Last week we saw Davina out in the world a little bit. Is she going to get back out there or is she going to be back in the attic for a few episodes?

DC: You’ll slowly start to see her come out of the attic and the stakes keep rising, which is something I think will keep everybody excited.

TVF: We’ve only seen Davina briefly with Rebekah when she threw her out of the attic window. Does she have more interactions coming up with Rebekah?

DC: Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

TVF: You’re part of Sophie’s flashback, too, but will we soon see you interact with Sophie soon in the present day?

DC: Yes.

TVF: What’s been the biggest surprise or challenge in the show so far?

DC: I think the one thing I’m most excited about is also the thing that is most challenging which is trying to balance the fear of her power to her being a normal girl.

TVF: We also saw her crush last week with the character of Tim, the violinist…

DC: It’s nice because we give everyone a human side and everyone can see her as this powerful witch but she can also fall in love with anybody else.

TVF: Do you think Davina, in some way, likes the attic or is she getting more resentful of it? In some ways she’s very safe but she’s also very restricted there.

DC: And I think those are things she likes and doesn’t like. She wants the protection and she wants Marcel there to help protect her but I think she also misses things in life like going to school and people her own age. I think she misses people. The only person she sees in her attic is Marcel. She wants to get out in the world.

TVF: How has it been getting to know the rest of the cast? I know you mentioned before that you and Charles dance around sometimes when you’re shooting late.

DC: I think especially with our cast it’s really great, depending on who is filming on what days, but I hang out with everybody. It’s really fun for all of us to be on set together. I get dinner with the cast all the time, or lunch or have a movie night…I feel like we’re all friends, too, which is really, really nice.

The Originals Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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