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It's safe to say this was not the most exciting hour in Revenge history.

"Dissolution" featured a whole lot of talking and a whole lot of Nolan referring to Patrick as "The One." Despite the fact that, you know, he tried to kill someone.

Elsewhere, Sara (who Daniel himself nearly killed while drunk driving) for a bakery job in town, while Emily and Aiden took down a house via some paperwork maneuvering.

All in all, it was hopefully the calm before a series Grayson $hit storm. Did you catch Revenge Season 3 Episode 6?

Click on the following photo now to view the entire thing and see if you agree with our negative assessment:

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

You're forcing people to stumble around in the dark, Emily. That's how people get hurt.


Love built on lies is an arduous endeavor, for wherever passion and treachery meet, dissolution begins. Stiil, we fight to hold our ground in the emptiness ignoring the fact that every relationship, even the ones we cherish, inevitably dies.