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Revenge Season 3 Episode 8 ended with a couple of major bombshells Sunday.

Victoria threw Emily and Daniel a bridal shower and continued her efforts to wedge Sara in between them. Then she upped the ante, only to have Emily throw it back in her face.

With the introduction of her former "husband," Ems planted yet another seed.

Her plan to frame Victoria is beginning to take shape, punctuated by the pregnancy reveal that closed out Revenge Season 3 Episode 8. How can Danny back out now!?

But, just when it look like she'd cleared all the obstacles ... Lydia's alive. It's gonna get ugly fast when she comes after Ms. Thorne this weekend, we're guessing.

Victoria throws Emily and Daniel a bridal shower and continues trying to throw Sara in the middle of the engaged couple. During the shower, Victoria surprises Emily with someone from Emily's past. 

Aiden helps Charlotte with a predicament and Emily goes to drastic lengths to ensure Daniel stays away from Sara.

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All in all, a solid episode. Did you miss it? Want to see it again? Click below!

Conrad tries to repair the Grayson name while Emily furthers her plans and Nolan embarks on his own agenda on Revenge. - See more at:

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Did she happen to see that I made People's Sexiest Man Alive list, right behind Joel McHale?


Secrecy causes even the simplest truth to seem wondrous. It has the power to fuel passion and seduce you into becoming someone you're not. But no matter how we try to guard our secrets, to keep them close, they all come out eventually.