Shelley Hennig Cast on Teen Wolf Season 3

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As if we needed another reason to look forward to the return of Teen Wolf Season 3...

E! News confirms that Shelley Hennig, best known for her role as Diana on The Secret Circle, will play a key role when this MTV drama returns with new episodes on January 6.

It's just unclear at the moment what that role will be.

Diana Meade Image

We do know the following about the back half of Season 3, courtesy of an interview with creator Jeff Davis:

  • The twins will come to Scott for help.
  • Scott's dad will be "causing a lot of trouble."
  • We'll learn more about Lydia's power and relationship with Peter.
  • Peter will be the "antagonist" who is "always plotting."
  • There will be a three-week time jump and a Halloween episode.

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