It won't matter. He'll just be called Stiles anyways.


Have you ever had a dream that's so real, you thought it was a memory?


Malia: I didn't beat him up. I could have, but I chose not to.
Lydia: That's an improvement.

It's odd, even for Beacon Hills.


Go crawling back to your dead wife and your loser son!

Elias Stilinski

You know what, if the Ghost Riders don't come tonight, this will be our first okay date.


Young lady, you need to clip your nails.

Elias Stilinski

I can't believe we are about to break into a nursing home.


Liam: Or you can stay here and help me convince Gwen that she's in danger.
Scott: It's not your job to convince her. It's your job to keep her safe.
Malia: Just kidnap her.
Scott: Don't kidnap her.

Chris Argent: I need your help. There's a body in your morgue I need to examine.
Melissa: And you can only sneak into kitchens.

Stiles. It's a family nickname. I never used it but my father did.


Scott: Stile - an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals to climb over a fence.
Lydia: Yeah, somehow I don't think these are the stiles we're looking for.

Teen Wolf Quotes

Those who see the Wild Hunt beware, for you are already lost.


You're the true alpha! Guess what all of us can't be true alphas! Some of us have to make mistakes! Some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes! Some of us are human!