Days of Our Lives: The Idiot Men of Salem

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"Men. Such Idiots." It's hard to argue with Sami, especially when she's right. And when it comes to the men of Salem right now, she's definitely right.

JJ Horton
Dr. Daniel Jonas

EJ - His biggest idiocy has got to be sleeping with Abigail. Did he do it because he couldn't resist her or was he simply trying to keep her quiet? And if it's the latter he's in big trouble. Abigail looks as though she could break at any moment. 

And do we really even need to go into what's going to happen when Sami finds out?

Sami was so sweet today as she tried to play the big sister role with Abby and give her a heads up on the Dimera men. Wait until she finds out that Abby's been doing her own private Dimera research. 

JJ - When even your idiot stoner friends are smarter than you are, that's not a good sign. Tell Daniel everything and let him deal with Teresa. What a novel idea? I've got to give it to Rory. He had one of the best lines of the day, "Two sneaky dudes are better than one." Go figure. The guy's not a complete idiot. 

Of course JJ had to take half the episode to try and spit the words out and actually tell Daniel, thus allowing Teresa to sneak up on him like some leopard hiding in the brush ready to pounce.

I wonder if wardrobe picked out her leopard print scarf for just that reason.

Brady - It's a shame really because in some ways Brady was the smartest of the bunch today. 

When Nicole proclaimed that he was beating a dead horse because she was over her feelings for Eric, Brady shot back, "Lie to yourself all you want but that horse is alive and that horse is kicking."

Then he got a glimpse of the real Teresa Donovan. Too bad he's probably too high to do anything useful with the information. 

That leaves Eric and Dr. Dan

Eric has gone from oblivious to Nicole's feelings, to accusing her of raping him, to begging forgiveness and now he's convinced he's in love with her...all while fighting to keep his priest collar securely on. I get exhausted just thinking about it.

And Daniel, oh Daniel. For a man who is expert in cardiac surgery, cancer treatments, eye surgery, and..oh well nevermind. He's basically super doctor. I don't understand why he doesn't walk around University Hospital wearing a cape. 

But when it comes to his personal life the guy is a mess and always has been. Let's face it. When it comes to women, Daniel Jonas is an idiot.

The most stable (and watchable) relationship he's had is his friendship with Nicole but it wouldn't surpise me if he messed that up too.

OK TV Fanatics. You tell me. Who is the dumbest man in Salem right now.

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